Welcome to My Photoblog Site!

Welcome to My Photoblog Site!


Hi! I am Stephany Spencer, poet, lyricist, memoirist– a professional Jackalyn-of-many-trades. Welcome to my own little corner of the world-wide web! 

As we speak, my Website I began June of 2017 continues to grow and develop right along with my continuing to develop the skills of being a Webmaster and first-time blogger/Photoblogger.

It’s work so fun, I doubt I’ll ever be done! I do love the creative process — the “one-on-one.” And am thrilled to share it with you on my little part of the globe — My little piece of the planet’s valuable virtual Internet real estate! 

 My goal is to blog on enlightening and entertaining “shoot-from-the-hip” insights, essays, personal stories, and creative works — especially my poetry and memoirs. If I may serve my visitors, otherwise, please advise!

Should you be a Creative and curious person, then this blog is for you. I plan to post my blogs on various days of the week. Fridays were generally set aside for my weekly Memoir blog — be it in poetry or prose.

However, beginning August 4, 2017, I will be posting my blogs sporadically. This is to give me more time to devote to getting my book/ Memoir written and published in hardback.

As for my blogging, I don’t intend for this to be a monolog but a dialog. I want you to give me your feedback in the “Comments” section. I will read every comment and respond as time allows. If you have a topic you want me to address, please leave a comment below.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Till then, feel free to click around and scroll down on my Menu Bar to become acquainted with my Website.

It was lovely chatting with you. If you are a follower of my blogs, that’s even lovelier! 

 Till next time, then, be well, love, and cheers. And have a happy life.

Your Host,
Stephany Spencer

Think in terms of possibilities.
(Emily Dickinson)






4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Photoblog Site!

    1. Hi, Jessica: Thanks for helping to kickstart my new life on a web and blog site. You are the one who most initiated me into this, for you told me to get on WordPress.com “so I could post the poems, etc., I create.” Before that, I had not realized what I could really use a blog/website for! I still have so much to learn about all this stuff! But you have been a mentor for me! So a hug from your cousin Stephany!

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