Another “Dash” Poem

The famous Eddie LeBaron


(NOTE: This poem was inspired by the famous Notre Dame football player’s well-known poem, “The Dash.”  You can find the poem online — as well as some other “Dash-Poem take-offs” inspired by this beautiful “Dash” poem. 

“There’ll be two dates on your tombstone
And all your friends will read ‘em;
But all that’s going to matter
Is that little dash between ‘em.”
Kevin Welch

(Another “Dash” Poem)

‘Midst the trauma ‘n’ melodrama,
Strum, ‘n stress, ‘n’ strife,
Don’t forget,
At the God-given “comma,”

To breathe ‘n’ enjoy life —
Come up for some air.
That’s the reason,
A Godly reason,
Sky Writer
Puts commas there.

And also the reason
The common comma,
Hangs kindly in the air —
A reason writers season
With commas everywhere:
To slow life’s pace
During this race;
Put strum ‘n’ stress
In its place.

For life comes,
Moves on,
Then’s gone,
All in one single dash —
Like that hyphen (“—”)
On a tombstone
Separating date of birth
From death.

So breathe deeply
At each break;
Observe the breaths
You take,
The commas
In your wake,

Plus a few “periods”

For, in the “Period
Of our “Dash,”
These breaks are
Reminders to laugh —
To enjoy our one-act scene;
Reminders to not be
A “human doing,”
But be a “human being;”

       They’re breaks to relax;
Enjoy the trip,

     Before entering Eternity;
        Reminders that during our
Timeline (“—-“) or “Dash,”
    “Lifelines” only last
        As long as we’ve
Breaths to breathe.
Stephany Spencer

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