177_Rebecca_Kimbel   In today’s blog, I am featuring my amazing Aunt: Rebecca Kimbel. I highly recommend listening to her YouTube interviews, among other things. To make it easier to get to know a little about her, I copied and pasted some of her online information.

But you may find more information at her website, RebeccaKimbel.com, and on her YouTube Channel.

Around a year ago, I discovered her on  YouTube where she had produced many  live interviews with Ex-Mormon fundamentalists.

She is one of my many relatives I did not know about or had lost contact with when I went into hiding after escaping the cult I was raised in.

Since coming into contact with her and listening to videos of her TV shows recorded on YouTube, I have become so much more enlightened.

I also recommend listening to the outstanding speech she did on Ted X — which you can find and listen to on YouTube.

There, in around 18 minutes, she manages to outline ALL the most poignant factors involved in Mormon fundamentalism, including being raised a White slave in modern America!

I look forward to your comments and feedback, knowing you will benefit from having listened to any of Aunt Rebecca’s Independently produced TV shows she has also recorded on YouTube.

But for now, I present her remarkable online Bio:


Specializing In

Motivational Speaking  *  Workshops/Seminars  *  Writing

Helping Businesses, Communities, and Individuals to Maximize their Potential

Rebecca Kimbel is a powerful motivational speaker whose compassion, wisdom, and leadership skills can change your relationships, your neighborhood, your business and your life.

Effectiveness of public speaking and private communication requires an understanding of people, problems and time. Kimbel is a profound example of mastering these skills and teaching them. 
Her expertise has been presented in over one hundred hours of television broadcast, newspapers and other publications, the web, public formats, private coaching, seminars/workshops and Toastmasters International where she served as Area Governor 2006-2008. She was awarded Toastmasters International Area Governor of the year 2007-2008. Kimbel is a Distinguished Toastmaster ( DTM ) which is The highest accomplishment award of Toastmasters International.

Kimbel’s qualifications and experience make her a heart felt, moving, dynamic and unforgettable speaker.
Catch My New Show!
The Rebecca Kimbel Show airs on Tuesdays 7 pm on channel 12 Access Humboldt.  Access Humboldt Schedule
Visit My Youtube Channel
This channel features a unique collection of unsung heroes, those who have outstanding courage, and those who inspire us, motivate us and change our lives. Some bring us joy; others bring us leading edge thinking to dare to rise above our challenges. We present examples of courage to make life better and down to earth practical applications to controlling the direction of your own life. The variety of interviews continues to grow as we salute the better qualities in those who are influencing a better tomorrow. We invite you to join us.


Help Support Human Rights Awareness
Human Rights Awareness

Publicly Televised on Comcast
Walnut Creek, California
Program          Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

“Kimbel’s powerful presentation is a wonderful model to make life work better in your community”, stated Producer Pat Van Horn. “Rebecca Kimbel was diligently working with the viable parts of the community to build safe neighborhoods and to help explain laws and how to use them to bring about positive change. That is what Kimbel is all about, teaching people to work together, creating community concluded Van Horn.”


Program         Communication Skills to Build Community

Procuder Pat Van Horn has referred to Kimbel as a person who “builds community.” “Kimbel is well known in Northern California and has provided a valuable resource of leadership and communication skills to help develop community and its desired cause and effect. Kimbel is a dedicated person who does a lot of training, community work and is truly an outstanding leader, not only as a Toastmaster, but as a Community Focus Person, stated Van Horn.”

Program         Polygamy, Are All Americans Free?

“Rebecca Kimbel enlightened the viewing audience and myself, she is a wonderful messenger to help people understand. The key to Kimbel’s message is to educate and help individuals, said Pat Van Horn.” 





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