madigan                              jim-gaffigan

 What a brilliant comedian is Jim Gaffigan!
He makes me laugh, then laugh again.
His moniker is “Mr. Universe,”
And he’s earned this name.
For most standup comedians’ work
Is loaded with filth, smut, and worse —
To make up for ad-libbing that’s lame,
They employee obscenities and curse.
But Gaffigan’s humor is satire clean —
At least any of it that I’ve seen.
If only there were more so funny
Without being dirty and mean.

Another comic like Gaffigan,
Is hilarious Kathleen Madigan.
She, too, makes me laugh ‘n’ laugh again.
Both have lines filled with humor and wit,
Sans obscenities and words like *#%!

   (By Stephany Spencer  2013)

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