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The Book “Prophet’s Prey,” was authored by outstanding LDS Mormon Leader, Activist, Detective and Private Investigator Sam Brower. It is among the best books written on life within Mormon fundamentalist clans and enclaves.

A film by the same title, “Prophet’s Prey,” opened in theaters on September 18th, 2017. It’s based on Brower’s chronicle of Warren Jeffs and Short Creek/ A.K.A. Colorado City — Check out the Trailer and film online.

Recently I noted on Facebook Utahn Sam Brower is running for Iron County Commissioner. Because I appreciate so much all the work he has done to help rid the world of such as the menacing, maniacal “prophet/profit” of evil, Warren Jeffs, I wrote the following poetry slam:

“Slam Slogans” for Sam —
That Sam-I-Am”
for Iron County Commissioner:

Vote for Sam Brower,
He’s got the power! 

The new
He’s passed the test!
You can bet with Sam
You’ll get the best.
He’s heads and shoulders
Above all the rest.

Now Is The Hour:
Cast your vote
For P.I. Sam Brower
For Iron County Commissioner;
Help this superpower
Overpower his opponents
At the 11th hour!

Put Sam Brower in power,
Then get behind this
And watch your work
Make fodder flower/flour!

By Stephany Spencer

Watch Prophet’s Prey (2015) Full Movie Streaming

*The following video gives insight into Mormon fundamentalism and how I was raised  — and what I escaped at age 21.

2 thoughts on “My Homage to Detective Sam Brower, Author of “Prophet’s Prey:” A Chronology of Warren Jeffs, the FLDS, and Shortcreek/ Colorado City

    1. Prophet’s Prey is a must read, if you are interested in possibly the best documented book written on the organized crime syndicates protected by law under the guise of religion/Mormon fundamentalism.

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