tarantula      –

Does low self-esteem
Cause the womanizer’s chase?
And is scoring all Ladies’ Men
Have going for their race?
What the fuck, then! What “luck”!
Is this their journey on life’s playing field?
Then it’s best never to them yield.
For their dick has a life of its own to wield!

Just wish I didn’t let the “spider” get to my “fly.”
But these “Harry,” tarantulas know
How to play loose lonely ladies so!
His dick but tips its cap and winks,
And “Look! Won another match!!” he thinks.
Another notch on your belt,me thinks!
For he’ll never be true; his integrity stinks.
Fooled again?! I’m a fool in love,
Foolishly fooled ’round with in womanizers’ rinks!



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