Explanation ‘n’ Clarification of My Website


When it comes to what I have posted on my Website so far, many of my best quotes, poetry, and other compositions, unfortunately, still lie in stacks of notebooks where I have recorded my creative writing over the many years. All that’s lacking is time to edit and record these compositions herein. Hopefully, that will be soon. But editing, rewriting, and typing up my pieces, requires a lot of work and time.

I would love to do everything all at once. But creating a Web and blog site is something one builds gradually. Though Rome wasn’t built in a day, a part of me wants to build my whole web and blog site that way — or at least by the end of this month.

Websites can be a static thing — Set them up and leave them be, depending on what you use your Website for. But blog sites are a different species — an ongoing process. And the whole experience entails a learning curve. So bear with me as I turn that bend.

I am a born writer and creative. Wrote my first music when I was six years old, my first poem when I was about eight years old — my first song when I was eleven. And I have been journaling since age nine. By now I have stacks of notebooks full of poems and other writings — all in longhand.

 I’ve only begun to record some of my compositions herein. It’s work but fun. One of my favorite games is playing with words and thoughts — moving them around to see what gives.

 I’m continuing to enjoy the creative process of building this Web and Photoblog site started June 27, 2016. It’s still in metamorphosis, as I, a first-time Web builder and an emerging self, continue the creative process from conception to cocoon to caterpillar … and eventually to a beautiful Monarch. The sky’s the limit. So come sip —  take a nip of sweet butterfly nectar and fly with me!


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