“Judas,” with her doctor’s plaque
hung above her door,
Should have read: “Dr. Kwak treats
gullibles and more!”
For “A Quack and a sucker
are born each minute!”


That sucks! So don’t get dropped in it!
Don’t fall for each quacky gimmick.
You could end up dead in a minute,
And all ’cause Polly wanted a “Quacker.”

Be a researcher and reader, instead.
Above all, use your own head.
If you can help it, don’t be a sucker,
And don’t be “quacker” —
Though it’s not so easily done as said.

Regular medical doctors
are often no better;
and that sucks!
It’s difficult to trust anyone,
when involved are big bucks;
but I’ll die trying …
While inadvertently continuing to help
doctors earn more bucks!




  Quacks and Suckers 

A “quack” and a sucker are born every minute!
That sucks! Quack-quack!
But don’t be a sucker nor a quacker …
Nor a smacker when you suck ‘er.
And never smack ‘er!
That’s life. You make the best of it.
If it helps, Baby, suck a tit.
But eventually, you’ll get over it.
Life sucks!
Get over it!





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