Lovely Lively Lizards

I detest supporting lazy “lizards” —
Leeches, losers, and welfare abusers:
Socialism can be Welfare for users.

So, lazy-daisy loafing “lizards,”
Penniless-paupers, down-and-out dizzards,
Get off your rump, use your gizzard,
And from the welfare rolls be scissored

My new slogan is herein delivered:
“Be part of the solution,
Not the pollution blizzard!”

I’m always seeking a better way to be.
Perhaps I’ll solicit 
Lazy, loafing “lizards”
to help me!

No offense to Nature’s lizards —
Those reptiles running free
I love lively living lizards, literally!
Thanks to them, there happens to be
Less Lymes disease plagueing humanity:
Lizards help rid Earth
of the lousy Lyme tick infirmity!


by Stephany Spencer

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