My Poem: “Lazy, Lacey, Lizard Lizzy”


I can’t get used to supporting,
Or shouldn’t be used to support lazy, lacey lizards,
Leeches, losers, and welfare abusers!
Communism turns into such, for “Users.”
Oh, poor, timid, dormouse me.
They say,” Get off your pity potty and do somethin’!”
And: “If you aren’t part of the solution,
You’re a part of the problem.
Well, I’m certainly seeking a better way to be.
Maybe I can solicit some lazy lizards to help me!

*(No offense to lizards in my yard running about “free.” I literally love lizards. Especially now I know they help rid my yard of Lime ticks — so no more Lyme’s disease for me!)


September 2016

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