Advice for Creatives: Take It on a Dare; i.e., Dare to Fail or Fail to Dare


You Must First Dare to Fail or You’ll Fail to Dare Do Anything Well!
(Dare to Fail or Fail to Dare)

Bouyed when Pressfield encouraged creative works,
My own creativity now no longer shirks;
I’ve ceased hiding my light ‘eneath lampshades;
‘Cause today I dare call spades spades;
I’m beginning to finally face my muse
And my own creative juices use.

‘Tis said one must “paint badly” to paint well;
Or dare to “write badly” to tell a tale;
Where our creative works will lead,
If we but follow our beckoning heed,
We never can know nor can we tell;
All we can do is dare to fail,
In order to ever find out if we might do well.

In other words, we must start somewhere
Our powers of creativity to share and wield —
Resist resistance,” stresses Steven Pressfield,
In his inspired work, The War of Art.

If we don’t dare fail, we’ll never start …
Never survive writers’ block’s dart …
Never write the book of our heart;
Never let genius its work impart.

So dare to break through the blocks:
Whenever your amazing muse knocks;
Win your inner creative battles
By daring to fail to ever do well.

The final outcome time only can tell.
But it’s worth the effort to give your gifts,
For you discover and fulfill yourself as well,
When you create your art and tell your tale.

Stephany Spencer 2016

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