I eat, at times, to simply nurture
That gaping hole in my existence, I’m sure.
But one feather in my cap is I regularly get up
And a do a great morning workout routine.
I may feel like I’m bent, spent, and useless,
For some time thereafter, should I overdo.
But somehow, I “work it all out,:”
And with rest’s assistance, am able to renew.

I’ll be eating again before long,
At hunger’s insistence —
For I lack strong resistance,
Can’t faithfully pass up food’s existence.
But thank God I’ve formed helpful habits:
I don’t store irresistible foods, for instance.
And buy healthful and unpackaged products,
For it all makes a difference.

But still I struggle
With this fat in my middle.
It’s an ongoing “Battle of the Bulge.”
How to win the battle is my unsolved riddle,
And has been since I came of age.
But, I tell myself, it could be worse;
So be glad I only have this struggle,
And not some more incurable curse.

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