Cast Your Worries to the wind

Cast your worries to the wind,”
 Uncle Joel LeBaron advised —
Cast them to the dust —
Let the rain settle ’em.”
In this, my uncle was wise,
Do you agree, guys?

Toss over your shoulder
Things you can’t shoulder —
Unload that big boulder;
Empty your old folder
Don’t allow stuff to smolder.

Keep lessons learned —
They’re education earned.
But leave negativity behind
For breezes to blow away
During their daily grind …
Rain settles all over time.

 Evil wants to win. Don’t let it in.
Don’t hold dark thoughts within.
Dump them over the cliff
Like you would sin.

On your trip through time,
Don’t waste time on Devils’ time;
Wasting time is a petty crime …
Not worth anyone’s time —
Any time
!   :)~

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