Cast Your Worries to the wind

Cast your worries to the wind,”
 Uncle Joel LeBaron advised —
Cast them to the dust;
And let the rain settle them.”
In this, Uncle Joel was wise,
Despite some unbelievable lies
(In at least some people’s eyes.)

Yes, toss over your shoulder
The things you can’t shoulder —
Happily, toss the big boulder;
Don’t allow it to smolder —
Keep the lessons learned,
This education you’ve earned;
But leave the negatives behind
For the wind to blow away,
During your daily grind.
And rain settles all, over time.

 Evil loves to win; don’t let it in;
Don’t hold negatives within.
Dump them over the cliff,
As if they’d never been.

On your trip through time,
Never waste time on devil time;
For, to be sure, wasting time
Is a crummy crime —
Never worth anyone’s time …
any time
!   :)~

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