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  Life’s a Shipwreck!

 Or should I simply conclude:
That ship has sailed —
Like two ships passing in the night,”
Coming unglued?
Or I could say, “Life’s a train wreck.”?
Or has that train left the station too,
Like two trains passing a wreck or two?
I’ve lived a long time – a lifetime –
Longing for love, acceptance, a honey,
Fun, friends, faith, to be thin, fit in —
Have lots of money.
So to say that thoughts are things,
And they created my life, sounds funny.
I only know old age and strife
Have blown all my plans to heck,
And that’s not funny, Honey!
That’s a wreck!

 March 11, 2009


My Life’s a Train Wreck

My life’s been something of a train wreck,
Thanks largely to those moronic,
Mormon fundamentalist fools
Who raised me in “heck”!
My distress and deprivation are the worst —
I wonder why I’ve I been thus cursed.
Lately some of such has been reversed,
And that brings me gratitude, elation, and mirth!
But I’m still well-versed and rehearsed in tribulation.
With lips pursed, I thirst for quenching and rebirth.
And to be rid of this cursed drenching in dearth
My soul’s immersed in — so unrelenting, it’s sin!
But hope springs eternal, so tomorrow I begin again.
And I do expect eventually I’ll definitely win.


2 thoughts on “Poem I wrote: My Life’s a Wreck!

    1. That is so good to know! It makes all my writing work worth it. I only wish I had more time, for I have not edited nor posted the majority of my best poetry, as I decided writing my memoirs should finally be put first. And now you verify that.


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