Genuine Jennie — Gorgeous Garn



Gorgeous Genuine Jennie, a cyberspace acquaintance and creative on Facebook! 

 I asked Jennie Garn if I could use this beautiful picture for my photoblogging. Was shocked at her response, after she said I could post it: She had taken it, herself, on her iPhone! Here’s what she wrote back to me when I complimented her on the beautiful Photo:

LOL! Yes, it’s a selfie, and thank you!  I was actually laid up after having dental surgery. So In my boredom, I put on some lipstick, and grabbed these flowers (that the dentist sent) from the vase by my bedside. LOL!”

 And that’s how new creative ideas and images are born, my friends! But what most fascinates me is that she created a photo shoot that is as good or better than any I’ve ever seen taken by professional photographers — and all the while she was recuperating from oral surgery and not even feeling well!

Wow! You go, Jennie Garn!! And thank you so much for spicing up my photoblog site with your beautiful sight and talent! Also, much thanks for including pictures of your darling son. (The sunflowers make me want to change “S-O-N” into “S-U-N”!)

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Note: Ms.Jennie Garn’s creative three-year-old son saw his mom’s photo shoot above and demanded that he get to produce the pose too. So I’ve gotten double my money’s worth! LOL! He’s precious! Inherited his mother’s beautiful blue eyes, and lovely skin, too!


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