Emote the emotion over and over you want to feel,”
Says Tony Robbins, modern guru “pill.”
Said another way, implement your will:
Change your “motion” to change your “emotion” —
That is, change your physiology
To change your undesired emotion or notion
And thus negativity kill.
It’s all a matter of will!
 Stand tall and proud when you’re afraid,
And whistle a tune you’ve made;
Turn your frown upside down when you’re sad,
And you’ll soon be feeling glad.
In other words,” Change your thoughts,
Change your mood.”
Sit erect and you’ll soon feel good.
Said another way still:
Good things in equals good things out
Of your “computer” spout!
That is, your computer mind and soul.
Now that’s my cup of tea!
Would you care to have “a shrink” with me?



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