A New Day’s Dawning:
By Stephany Spencer  

1- I feel bad, I feel blue,
Sad because this day is through;
Still so much left to do;
But in the morning I’ll start anew.
For God gives, and God takes;
Every day is a gift God makes.
Soon my life will be through,
But Blues, be off with you!

2-  Same ole story, same ole song:
Can’t believe this day is gone!
But a new day’s coming along,
Beginning at the break of dawn,
   Bringing with it a brand-new song:
We’re all right where we belong;
By doing right, we can’t go wrong,
So blues get along! Begone!

“Every day’s a blessing, every day’s a song;
Grateful for each golden dawn.
Though this day will soon move on,
When one day closes, another comes along.
When one day closes, a new day comes along.


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