My Book Review of my Aunt Charlotte LeBaron’s “Maud’s Story”

Her latest book is mostly a published  collection of a few of my grandmother’s letters — and some vignettes Grandma wrote that are run together in often hard-to-decipher paragraphs.

More to be said on this later. For now, I will only say: In her book she’s done a revised version/ a rewriting of the history of the “Joel LeBaron: Prophet” saga, turning it upside down — and him into a martyred prophet. (Thus, she shows, though not intentionally, how religious myths are made.)

*Note: As of 2017, I’ve witten another Review of Aunt Charlotte’s book, and posted it below. (It’s also posted on and :

Maud Lucinda LeBaron is my maternal grandmother, of whom I am “the spittin’ image,” I was always told growing up. In fact, the above photo of her looks so much like me at that age, I look at it and think it’s me. I can’t tell the difference!


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