I’m age 12 here, 2nd to left, middle row

Bio Ballad in Verse — for Better or Worse

I was born some time ago,
Way out in the sticks,
In Mexico’s Rocky Mountain Range,
The year 1946;

Was raised in a
Mormon fundamentalist cult,
Where renegade,
Self-righteous, half-hicks
Believed it sinful
With “the world,” to mix.

But they were mostly
Egotistical fools,
Who thought they were ”
“God’s chosen handful;”
God’s Saints and
Heavenly-kingdom “tools”!

Unfortunately, they were
Mostly backward bigots,
Extremists, and
White-trash hypocrites —
Full of themselves,
False pride, and narcissism,
They fed on stoicism,
Self-denial, and masochism!

 “You can lead a horse to water,
But you can’t make it drink
Same goes for blind followers
Being lead to the brink:
Unless they choose to lift their blinders
And use their God-given head,
Brainwashed from birth,
They will usually follow, instead;
You can’t change them;
You can’t make them think.

So by the time I turned seven,
My parents had seven girls in a row —
When we went walking down the street,
We presented quite a show!

By the time I was eleven,
There were children ten:
My parents believed birth control
Would keep them out of heaven.

So when I turned thirteen,
I had siblings twelve;
For everything I ever got,
I had to dig and delve!

By the time I was twenty-one,
I was fit to go under,
But God created a wonder:
Catapulted me asunder
Like a bolt of thunder —
And hurled into the “wicked” world!

Now, on the outside looking in
At these “Saints” knee-deep in sin,
I gaze at them and quietly pray,
As I smother a little grin:

 “Thank you, Goodness,
For helping me win:
Thank you for the free agency
To begin again!

“Yeah, thank you, God,
For my freedom of choice;
And thanks for the right
To follow my own voice;
And to be wise
And eventually self-actualize

Thus, I escaped the stoic hell —
Left the cult behind,
To go out in “the wicked world,
A better life to find.
Well, every year’s gotten better
Since I fled that bitter bind.

 I’ve found, out in “the world,”
A better life and times,
Where people are more compassionate,
Educated, and kind.

So thank you, my new world
Oh, how you shine!
And thank you for helping me
Make it, dear Humankind.

   (Stephany Spencer 2016)

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