I’m 12, middle row, 2nd to left

Bio Ballad in Verse — for Better or Worse

I was born some time ago,
Way out in the sticks,
In Mexico’s Rocky Mountain Range,
The year 1946;

Was raised in a
 Mormon Fundy cult,
Where renegade,
Self-righteous hicks
Believed it sinful
With “the world,” to mix.

Like the egotistical fool
Who’d seldom been to school,
They thought themselves
God’s chosen handful,
His Saints and
Heavenly-kingdom “tool”!

Unfortunately, they were
But backward bigots,
Extremists, and
White-trash hypocrites;

People full of themselves,
False pride, and narcissism;
Feeding on fear,
Self-denial, and masochism!

You can lead a horse to water,
But you can’t make it think
Same goes for blind followers
Being lead to the brink:

Unless they lift their blinders
And use their God-given head,
Brainwashed from birth,
They’ll follow, instead.

So by the time I was seven,
Ma had seven girls in a row —
When we went walking down the street,
We presented quite the show!

By the time I was ten,
We were a family of eleven:
My parents thought birth control
Would keep them from heaven.

When I was thirteen,
I had siblings twelve;
For everything I ever got,
I had to dig and delve!

By the time I turned twenty,
I was fit to go under,
But suddenly befell me
A miraculous wonder:

Like a bolt of thunder,
I was catapulted asunder,
Into the “wicked” world
Where a new life unfurled.

Now, on the outside looking in
At those “Saints” knee-deep in sin,
I gaze at them and pray
While covering a smug grin:

Thank you, Goodness,
For helping me win:
Thanks for my chance
To begin again!

“Thank you, God,
For freedom of choice;
Thanks for the right
To have my own voice;
To be wise,
And self-actualize

Glad I escaped my stoic hell —
And left the cult behind,
To go out in “the wicked world,
A better life to find!
Every year’s gotten better
Since fleeing that bitter bind.

I’ve found, out in “the world,”
A better life and time;
People more compassionate,
Educated, and kind.

Thank you, my new world
Oh, how you shine!
Thanks for helping me,
Dear humankind.
 (Stephany Spencer 2016)

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