By Stephany Spencer: My Book Review of my cousin Anna LeBaron’s Memoir: “The Polygamist’s Daughter”

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., I was honored with a complimentary ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of cousin Anna LeBaron’s bravely written book, “The Polygamist’s Daughter,” published March 21, 2017.

Regarding Anna’s Memoir, I was disappointed she didn’t tell us more about her miscreant father, “Evil Ervil,” (the murderous “Mormon Manson”). Also wish she had gone more into the details of her “running away from home.” (I would not have cared if the book were longer!)

As it was, her book said very little about her colorful father. And her “running away” was simply to call her married sister to take her in — a sister within walking distance, no less. Still, I have to give her credit for having had the sense and courage to run away at the tender age of thirteen, no less! For having run away, she might even very well have been killed by the cult she fled!

Even so, in essence, her book was milquetoast for me, in comparison to what was really going on in her family and father’s violent cult that drove her to flee the abusive and corrupt lifestyle. However, I realize she was between a rock and a hard spot when it came to relating this treacherous past.

Furthermore, she was so very young when much of the treachery happened within her family’s cult that she apparently didn’t know much about it — and maybe still doesn’t know that much — and doesn’t want to know that much. But there are a number of good books on the subject. They are just hard for my Uncle Ervil’s children to take in and accept. I do understand that!

I, an old veteran of much of that history, also realize that if she were totally up front, it would possibly compromise her present and future — and her amazing success and redemption in surviving her malevolent past. To give Anna credit, she is such an example of the human spirit and its ability to survive and rise above every adversity handed it.

Her father is my mother’s brother. And was my husband’s buddy/ boyfriend for ten years — so  I knew him well … as well as you could know a devious and manipulative man like my Uncle Ervil LeBaron for whom I had felt much love, respect, and reverence till he went off the deep end in his jealous and murderous power-pushing psychopathy.

Presently, I feel mostly pity, shame, and disgust for my dangerous but now-deceased charismatic zealot evil uncle who, though mentally ill, sociopathic and revengeful, nonetheless, had a lot of people convinced he was a prophet.

To better understand that whole scenario, read Cult Insanity” by Irene Spencer;” “Prophet of Blood,” by Ben Bradlee, Jr. and Dale Van Atta. And “The 4 O’clock Murders,”  by Scott Anderson — among other books on this history.

Also, here, on my Website, you might want to read my book reviews of these above books. Plus, listen to YouTube documentaries and interviews on Ervil, the LeBarons, and Mormon fundamentalist polygamists. They give great background and insight into what Anna LeBaron was brought up in. But you won’t find it in her book.

To further understand this whole bizarre LeBaron crime family mafia scene, check Wikipedia and other online Info about Ervil LeBaron, including my Website Menu bar underMedia About my Family, Friends, and Mormon Fundamentalist Cults.” And “Famous ‘n’ Infamous Relatives of Mine.” You could, as well, watch the excellent film,Prophet of Evil,” starring Brian Dennehy.

Getting back to Anna LeBaron’s Memoir, “The Polygamist’s Daughter,” everyone in the LeBaron Colony in the 1960’s saw how Uncle Ervil went about preaching and “doing missionary work,” totally indifferent toward his nine neglected children he had already born at that time by his first wife, my beautiful but bipolar Mexican peasant Aunt Delfina.

These indigent kids were left to roam the streets, starving, and unkempt —  not to mention his fifty or more other deprived, depraved, and abandoned children he bore by his additional thirteen way-out wives he added to his harem as time went on and the LeBaron cult grew and developed — and he and his wives taught their children to be murderers!

So it hurt to the quick to hear, firsthand, in Anna’s Memoir how it felt for her to be so badly neglected and used by her non-empathetic, uncaring, sense-of-entitlement, narcissistic father!

But when I then read how Ervil’s unloved and abused daughter Lillian died, I grieved for days. She was one of Aunt Delfina’s darling children whom, when Aunt Delfina was depressed and mentally ill, I had helped look out for while I lived near them in the LeBaron Colony in Mexico before I escaped the cult in 1967 at age twenty-one.

Sweet Lillian was only around five or so, then. And I don’t believe Anna had been born yet. But I had lived across the street from her jolly mother with the beautiful singing voice, Aunt Anna Mae Marston/ AKA LeBaron.

I had taught her older siblings (including gorgeous David Marston — see his life’s story I have posted on my Website: DAVID M.’S LIFE STORY: (Anna LeBaron’s Half-Brother –The story you are about to read is true)) in my Colonia LeBaron Preschool I started in my home at age fifteen.

Therefore, though I wish Anna had gone more into depth about her very colorful past life, I’m proud of her efforts and the work she put into writing and publishing all that she did of her Life Story. The world benefits by knowing “The unspeakable.”

I’m sure her tragic memories were anything but easy to have to relive in order to put into print. But I get a sense she is protecting her 50+ siblings and other relatives by not revealing more of her early upbringing and beliefs. (There is much meat only she and her siblings could tell an amateur social-psychologist like me. But she kept it from us.)

As for her story, I felt it finally picked up in the latter part where she began to shoot a little from the hip. I especially found it enlightening and helpful when she went into detail about how she overcame a bout of deep depression.

I benefited, also, when she told of her epiphany that gave her a new lease on life — a greater purpose for living. She is presently a Life Coach. And works to help improve the world — just the opposite of what her father did!

Though her father preached that he was “Here to set the house of God in order, to prepare it for the second coming of Christ,” in reality, he did just the opposite of everything he preached and claimed: He was really here “to set the Devil’s house in order” … and prepare the world for a living Hell!

Like her father Ervil, Anna LeBaron is bright, a writer, and a leader. Unlike her father, she exhibits integrity, sanity, empathy, and a loving, giving spirit. So my hat goes off to Anna! She has come a long way, met redemption, made a lot of good choices, and overcome a lot.

I look forward to her next book — but only if she is deep enough and feels safe enough to shoot from the hip — all the way — and “tell all.”

For me, a person that grew up in the LeBaron cult her father helped build, that would be a much more helpful, healing, and insightful sociological study and book — not mishmash but well worth my precious time and money to buy and read.

An afterthought: Possibly, “The Polygamist’s Daughter,” given its book cover and all, was mostly meant for the children’s and “Young Adults” section of the library.

In that case, it didn’t need great depth of insight and information — the likes of which an older informed and astute adult like me (who’s read over one-hundred books about/ written by Mormon fundamentalist cult escapees and authorities) would likely be looking for.


2 thoughts on “~ My Review of My Cousin Anna LeBaron’s “The Polygamist’s Daughter”

  1. The most heartbreaking part of Anna LeBaron’s story wasn’t even in her book.

    It was her answer to an interviewer’s question: If you could magically meet your father today what questions would you like him to answer? What would you have to say to him?

    Her answer was heartbreaking. “I would want his approval. I would want him to be proud of who I am and what I have made of my life.”

    Anna was speaking not from her intellectual side, but from her heart. She wanted a little girl’s approval from her father.

    Anna KNEW what kind of man her father was. She KNEW he had ordered the deaths of many people, including his own daughter, Rebecca. She had only met him on three occasions. On none of those occasions did he act anything like a father. He barely knew she existed.

    Yet the little girl inside her, who had never know a father’s love (or a mother’s love for that matter) yearned for the approval of this horrible man.

    Anna, if you are reading these words, forget about your father’s approval. ANYONE who has read your book thinks you are splendid and we are all totally amazed at what you have achieved and who you have become.

    If ever there was a poster girl for a person who has overcome impossible odds, you are it!

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    1. So beautifully said and well put! And there are a lot of “Poster Children” who are coming out of the rubble of the LeBaron-cult past … surmounting their setbacks like the beautiful Phoenix that arises out of the ashes and takes flight, then ascends high above the clouds into blue skies and sunshine.

      For example, check out the Website of Uncle Ervil’s genius daughter at: I’m pretty sure I have her URL correct. If not, she is listed in my “Media on My Family, Friends, and Mormon Fundamentalist Cults.” (She’s down towards the bottom of that Post. Look for the piece of artwork she painted, and you will know you have arrived at the right spot.)

      She relates a bunch of her family history, is an amazing poet and writer — bilingual, got next to no education, was discovered and given a full Scholarship to the ivy league College, Cornell University — and just graduated last month with her BA!

      What’s so amazing is that Spanish was her first language. She pretty much taught herself to read both English and Spanish by going through a box of books on the ranch where Ervil’s kids were hiding out from the law — shoot-outs and all — as you have read about in “The 4 O’clock Murders,” Scott Anderson’s excellently written and researched Book. (Don’t know how he kept all those facts straight.)


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