A collage of Daddy’s two families, et Al

“That which does not kill you

will make you stronger.”


Let’s go back to Part 13 where my “future ma and pa” lay or sat on a makeshift bed of blankets in the back of “future Papa’s” pickup. The blankets padded their backs and butts as they bounced and bumped along in a rough and rickety ride over 1944s rutted roads in their 1930s vehicle that soon left Mesa, Arizona far behind as they bounded for the Mexican border making lickety-split time!

Like bandits, they had to get out of Dodge to dodge the law that would like to put Pain jail for practicing polygamy. My young uncles Ben and Alma participated in the excitement and the anticipation as they sat in the truck’s cab taking turns at the wheel while conversing excitedly about their soon-to-be brother-in-law’s recent conversion to Plural Marriage and “the fullness of the gospel;” i.e., Mormon fundamentalism.

They were proud of themselves and their ability to preach the gospel — their ability to be good missionaries. Felt they had done “a good day’s work” by bringing another soul into “The Work” — That is, “The work of God, in God’s only true Church upon the face of the earth.”

This “accomplishment” heightened their sense of self-esteem and self-worth — puffed them up a bit as they continued making a beeline for their hometown, the Mexican Mormon colony, Colonia Juarez … so their sister, Esther, could get their papa’s permission to wed — ASAP!

To make a longer story shorter, my parents Esther and Floyd easily obtained permission from Mother’s father to marry — though her parents weren’t particularly happy she was marrying a man over twice her age who already had “one foot in the grave,” as my maternal grandma liked to say.

Nevertheless, “future Mama’s” Mormon fundamentalist parents were relieved their middle child and youngest living daughter Esther LeBaron-McDonald had finally “come to her senses” … had, in the end, chosen to marry into polygamy.

I confess, they had been very worried about her salvation and her entering the highest degree of glory, once in heaven, because, for some years there, Esther had professed (to their dismay) not to believe in nor want to live plural marriage:

“Part of what changed my mind ‘n’ convinced me to accept ‘the holy and righteous Principle of Plural Marriage,’ Mama said, “is I had a marvelously inspired revelation — a dream that showed me plural marriage was right. It even outlined exactly how it should be lived … And how glorious it could be … if participated in correctly.”

 Daddy, likewise, believed he had done the right thing to take a plural wife. But sometimes I wonder if he wondered if he’d chosen wrongly. For, not long after he’d married Mom to his dismay, his hair suddenly turned from Salt-and-Pepper gray to pure white … And thinned … as he turned “blue” and thinner under the unexpected stresses, losses, devastation, and sorrows that followed his new Mormon fundamentalist faith and lifestyle.

Especially devastating to him was losing his eleven childrennot to mention his beloved wife Eva. Then, for all his sacrifices and attempts to live “The Holy Principle of Matrimony/Plural Marriage,” he was soon, again, a monogamist, anyway!! And remained that way till the day he died — was never able to take on another plural wife, so as to live “The fullness of the gospel.”

My ma was too jealous to let him take another wife — never mind that she, herself, took Pa from Eva! That’s what polygamists do, you know. It doesn’t enter their mind that they are taking somebody else’s husband or spouse. They are too busy believing they’re only serving God and abiding by Joseph Smith’s Commandments to live polygamy or go to hell.)

Ah, what travesties and travails life doth present us … And how much of our pain and sorrow do we bringeth upon ourselves because, though we may think we are doing what is right, we are, in reality, holding our fingers on a hot stove; i.e., We’re doing what is wrong. Pain is our warning that we’re doing something not good for us.

However, not realizing this, Daddy concluded: “I couldn’t allow Eva to wear the pants in the family, pussy whip me, and carry me down to hell with her ‘cause she wouldn’t abide by the higher laws of God.

She was too weak to follow me, her husband and priesthood head — too rebellious to live the fullness of the gospel. So, instead of doing what was right, by following God’s command to live plural marriage, she chose to do wrong — to get revenge … causing me no end of trouble with the law and the Mormon church. Even kept me from ever seeing my kids!!!*

“Nonetheless, I had to put God’s Commandments first … That is, to give my life for God and the truth. I knew I could not let her stop me from doing what I believed was right; I had to  continue to follow the Prophet Joseph Smith’s commandment to live ‘The Holy Principle of Plural Marriage’ … or die trying … or I’d be damned.” (And he’d be damned if he’d be damned!)

* Bear in mind that I’m trying to present Daddy’s point of view. To be sure, it didn’t include such things as his violence – his physical and mental abuse towards Eva and her kids. I suspect this was sufficient reason to provoke betrayed Eva to obtain a Restraining Order against him to keep him away from her and her kids … and off her property.

He was of the old-country thinking: Thought it his position and right, as man of the house, to beat his wife and children into submission; that is, control them by “whipping them into shape.” Mama was of this mindset, also! (She bent to her husband’s/ her priesthood head’s will, as good Mormon fundamentalist wives do … “so she wouldn’t deserve his wrath.”)

And, of course, when it comes to his first wife Eva, Daddy didn’t admit to his betrayal of her, nor the hurt he caused her and her/his family when he took on another wife and family.

Unfortunately, Mormon fundamentalists follow their early founders to the hilt (when it comes to some things) – leaders who told them living plural marriage was God’s highest and most holy law. Being stoics, they believed they had to put aside their own feelings and needs … as well as the feelings and needs of all others … in order to live polygamy! Ridiculous? And how! But that’s how they believed.

6 thoughts on “~ Pt 14: Esther LeBaron Spencer — Ma Meets Pa … Or Was It the Other Way Around?

    1. Once again, your feedback has been invaluable. I was about to quit blogging about my life because I got little feedback, for one thing. And most of the feedback I did get was on Facebook where it was soon lost to history.
      It is most appreciated that your feedback is placed in the comments section of my blog, so it will never be lost and others can also benefit from it.


      1. The LeBaron saga is the most fascinating family history I have read EVER.

        I have read everything I could get my hands on about the Lebaron-Kunz family.

        And the Spencers contribute their story.

        Too much has been made of Ervil’s violence. This family had much to recommend it — highly intelligent, highly attractive people who were willing to work hard, and persever in the face of persecution and hardships.

        The more I read, the more I wanted to know.

        But I didn’t want to pry. I didn’t want to know anything anybody didn’t want me to know.

        So thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog.


        Liked by 1 person

        1. You are very sweet, and so considerate of others — so mannerly. But don’t be afraid to pry. Authors are encouraged to “write naked.” All I have to do is decline to write about anything I don’t want to write about.

          But I am pretty much shooting from the hip — as long as I feel it’s safe. That said, I have already plastered some stuff on my blogs that may not have been so safe nor wise to publish.

          As always, your input helps me to know better how I should write. I ever aim to improve and be the best writer I can be.

          I would still love to know something about you. If you have read my responses to your other comments, I may have missed your answer. For example, I would love to know how you found my blog.

          Have you read the books listed in my Media — especially the ones I have done book reports on and posted on my Website? Especially, have you read “Prophet of Blood,” Blood Covenant,” and “4 O’clock Murders”? If not, they’re a recommended — and are about my Uncle Ervil, et Al.

          Once I hear your response to this, I will respond more to your comments on Uncle Ervil, his family, etc. But for now, I’ll suffice it to say: It is not unusual for very intelligent people to join cults. A good book on this subject would probably tell you more than I will have time to say in my comments on your comments.


          1. I found your blog by googling different LeBaron names.

            I always want to find out more about the people who lived in Colonia LeBaron.

            I even found a few stories that may be news to you!

            As for LeBaron books, I have read every one of them I can find.

            And when you publish your book, I will definitely want an autographed copy.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I would love to know what stories you found that might be news to me. And have you read the books about Dr. Francis LeBaron, at Al?

              Have you read “Escape,” by Carolyn Jessop? She is one of Benjamin F Johnson’s/ my great-great grandfather’s grandchildren — and Grandpa Dayer LeBaron’s grandfather — and was
              sealed to Joseph Smith as a son.


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