Pt 15: Esther LeBaron Spencer — Ma Meets Pa

Dad 51+
My Daddy, Floyd Otto Spencer

Source: My Memoirs Backstory: Esther LeBaron Spencer de McDonald– Ma Meets Pa … Part 15


4 thoughts on “Pt 15: Esther LeBaron Spencer — Ma Meets Pa

  1. It’s kinda funny but my whole life I always known that I can’t stand a controlling man. If I even think my husband is trying to control my plans, odds are he’s not gonna be happy. When I was younger I went on one date with a guy, he called my house many times when I was not home and then asked me where I was. I told him to never call me again because he shouldn’t be checking on a girl he just met. When I was a teen I would tell my family I would never marry a man who was away alot like a trucker, a man in the military or polygamist. I didn’t want to be alone with children.

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    1. Hi darling Dena, one of my favorite cousins: Once more, I am impressed with how wise you are and what good choices you have made. I cannot stand controlling people, but I thought it was because I’d had my fill of my controlling, tyrannical pa. But now you lead me to believe it’s also just in our creative blood to want to be in control of our own lives – the way God meant it to be.
      Thanks for posting on my Website where your remarks will not be lost, the way they are on Facebook and other social media sites.

      I hope your new job is going well! ~ Steph


      1. I always thought I had a sturn stand on my independence of controlling people because I’m sticking up for some of our ancestors who felt they didn’t have any control. It’s like I’m saying,”I may be a LeBaron but do not mess with me.”

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