2 thoughts on “DAVID M.’S LIFE STORY: (The story you are about to read is true)

  1. David Marston’s story is so incredible, yet so life affirming.

    I have read it over and over. Each time I read it, I am blown away.

    I must remember that if that 12-year-old boy could face life on his own in Mexico, and not only survive but flourish, that I can survive what life throws at me. David’s story also reminds me of how much kindness there is in the world. I think we tend to forget that. But David was helped by the most unexpected sources — a prostitute, the border guards, the police..

    Thank you David, for writing your story, and thank you, Stephany for posting the link.

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    1. David’s story did a great job of depicting the kindness you will find throughout that Catholic country — something Hispanics really miss when they come to the United States. Here they find, all too often, much coldness; not the humanity they are used to in Mexico and Latin America.

      Even when I was in Spain many years ago, I was helped by a couple of wonderful Spanish women and I would not have made it without that help.

      But the United States has a Public Welfare system Mexico does not have. And we also have other such resources to help the indigent and unfortunate. People tend to expect the needy to go to Churches or the Welfare Department for help. In Mexico they know they must hang together or hang apart, literally!


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