My Review of My Uncle Verlan LeBaron’s “The LeBaron Story”




My Uncle Verlan and Aunt Charlotte’s book, “The LeBaron Story” is truly a Vanity Book” — not only because it’s a book they paid another to publish; but because it’s also a revisionistic, apologetic, and biased “history” of some of my rather vain, extended LeBaron family and relatives.

If you were to take their word for everything, for sure the Mexico LeBarons are/were “a saintly people with a Godly mission.” But I beg to differ: Wishing doesn’t make it so. In other words, wishful thinking, such as self-proclaiming one is “The One Mighty and Strong,” and comes from “A Godly people with a Messianic mission” doesn’t necessarily make this true.

Suffice it to say, the book could use a good Editor’s service, if nothing else be done to it before its next reprint — though, even as it is, it was a big endeavor and accomplishment for my aunt and uncle to pull off, I know.

And I give them credit for that — given how very busy they were, and how very little reading they had ever done in their life, in comparison to Scholars, and those Majoring in Writing or such.

As to the book, much of this story takes place in Chihuahua, Mexico. It was co-authored by my Uncle Verlan LeBaron and his first wife, Aunt Charlotte LeBaron, and published in 1981.

Unfortunately, these two tell the story in the words of true-believing, fundamentalist-Mormon-LeBaron cult members. In other words, it’s a highly biased “history” with a Messianic purpose.

And true to their fanatic religiosity, the book was mainly written to proselytize and promote Uncle Joel LeBaron’s cult, “The Church of the First Born of the Fullness of Times.” This presupposes a revised and rewritten history, then — and a white-washing of the LeBarons … It’s myth in the making, to be sure.

Nonetheless, I was able to glean a bit of information from it, useful in my own research, understanding, and writing. So I’m glad the book was written because nobody else has written anything about the LeBaron family, to speak of. But book-buyer beware — be wary!

I was given a copy of this book many years ago when it first came out — in 1981, fourteen years after I escaped the LeBaron cult in 1967. After reading the book, the preaching, plus the white washing and grandiose fabrications throughout the chronicle of the LeBaron family got my gut so badly that I was about to throw the book in the dumpster when two of Uncle Verlan’s daughters, Rhea and Donna LeBaron, dropped in to visit me.

They still believed their father was a prophet, back in 1981, so were very happy to be gifted with my book, “The LeBaron Story.” And I was very happy to get rid of it.

Oh, darn! Recently (thirty-six years later), for purposes of my own present writing, understanding, and research, I had to pay about $6.00 to re-buy this book on Kindle! Argh!!! And I see it’s now going for around $45.00 or so, in hardback, no less, on Wonders never cease to amaze me! But to each his own. Read on!

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