Flora Jessop, Church of lies

I just discovered a most valuable and wonderful Website, “Zelph on the Shelf: Mormons, Ex-Mormons, and Censorship Culture.” I read part of it. So very much look forward to reading more when I have time.

Although I presently believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience — in other words, I am no longer a Social-Scientific-Thinker — no longer atheist/ agnostic — Nevertheless, Zelph on the Shelf,” is, in many ways, right up my alley: It’s loaded with super material and input that is brilliant, thought-provoking, informative, well-written, well-documented, and most intelligently presented.

If you are not familiar with this Website, do check it out at ZelphontheShelf.com.

Thank you, “Zelph on the Shelf” for your excellent Website that is helping recovering Mormons like me find camaraderie, answers, and resolve. Yes, thank you so much for the conscientious, humanistic, all-important work you are doing. I love you! ~ Steph

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