Pt 34-C: The Mexico-LeBarons: Their Messianic Missions

Joseph Smith, Benjamin F Johnson, Alma Dayer LeBaron, and Joel Franklin LeBaron

“Fundamentalist ideologies can be thought of as mental parasites. A parasite does not usually kill the host it inhabits, as it is critically dependent on it for survival. Instead, it feeds off it and changes its behavior in ways that benefit its own existence” 

Bobby Azarian, Ph.D.
Mind In The Machine
How Religious Fundamentalism Hijacks the Brain | Psychology Today…/how-religious-fundamentalism-hijacks-the-brain

The LeBaron Story** and Maud’s Story*** are Mexico-LeBaron revisionist, whitewashed chronicles published to, among other things, misslead unaware people in order to keep or convert new members and progeny to the late Joel F. LeBaron’s Mormon fundamentalist “Church of the Firstborn” — which really was Joel’s and Ervil’s “Church,” — largely Ervil’s brainchild, along with a rich spattering of other Fundi groups’ dogma; including that of their bright brother Wesley’s original ideas which Joel stole, said Wesley,**** to create his own “Church of the Firstborn.”

Joel never gave his brother Wesley nor other fundamentalist groups credit for their ideas that he used to help create his church. But, because it was so obvious to those who had been there from the start, Joel ultimately HAD to admit he could not have gotten his Church off the ground or gained converts were it NOT for his brother Ervil’s ideas and input — his writing and publishing “Priesthood Expounded” and other pamphlets, and otherwise being Joel’s mouthpiece, ” like Aaron was to Moses”!

That’s why Joel would NEVER stand up to what Ervil was doing: He knew his “church” only existed thanks to Ervil’s brains, writing, knowledge of the Scriptures, leadership, preaching talents, motivation, love of power, charisma, schematics, and more!

Contrary to what The LeBaron Story and Maud’s Story would have you believe (so as to make Joel and his father Dayer look like Prophets), it was“Ervil who wrote “Priesthood Expounded”—NOT Joel!

Ervil consorted some with Joel. But Ervil was the family Scriptorian, writer, and aggressor—Joel’s eighteen-months-younger brother who always took away from Joel “everything he ever started or got,” said Joel!

Ervil did the legwork to find the Scriptures and Info needed to back up Joel’s claim to priesthood authority and to create a good dogma for their new sect … and to take over his weaker brother Joel’s initiation of a “Church.” Back in the 1960s, when I was in the LeBaron cult, wiser members in “Joel’s church” observed this.

Joel knew the success of his Church was due to Ervil’s intellectual and personal superiority, writing, and knowledge. It is deceiving to make it sound (as some do today) like those “Priesthood Expounded” words were Joel’s words! But that’s what modern-day Church of the Firstborn followers would have you believe.

 Truth is, many of these ideas were gleaned from their oldest brother Ben’s church and teachings that Uncle Wesley later took and built upon as the basis for his own “priesthood authority” and church. 

Then Joel took these two older brothers’ ideas, along with others’ ideas, to form his own church and dogma—but Ervil was “the mouthpiece.” (I would love to know how much if any of this “priesthood expounded” stuff actually came from their father Dayer LeBaron. But, to my knowledge, my grandfather Dayer didn’t record anything in writing. Some OM&S prophet he was!)

One of the earliest converts, Noel Pratt, said of the Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times, “It is Ervil in charge of and running everything! It’s Ervil’s Church, not Joel’s!!”

Noel Pratt eventually left the “Cult”/Church of the Firstborn because, after MUCH complaining and effort to get Joel to DO something—take CHARGE of Ervil who was running everything—he got nowhere!

Joel was up in the mountains with his quickly-multiplying family, scrabble farming, etc. … avoiding his brother Ervil as much as he could, codependent though he was; while Ervil was down in the LeBaron colony/Zion running everything like HE was the “profit,” and God to the people. I well remember those days, having lived in Colonia LeBaron from 1960 to 1967!

Suffice it to say, The Mexico-LeBarons didn’t have to wait for the destructions they proclaimed were going to hit the United States: The destructions were already hitting aplenty right there in their OWN back yard!—“E-Vile-Evil-Ervil” was but one example.

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*messianic: adjective (mes·​si·​an·​ic | \ ˌme-sē-ˈa-nik  \Definition of messianic:
1: of or relating to a messiah — this messianic kingdom
2: marked by idealism and an aggressive crusading spirit — messianic zeal/on a messianic mission

** See my “Review of Verlan LeBaron and Esther LeBaron Spencer’s ‘The LeBaron Story’ ” found in my Posts and at this link:

***See: “My Review of Charlotte LeBaron’s ‘Maud’s Story,’ ” found in my Posts and at this link:

**** check out Ross Wesley leBaron’s “Holy Order” page on Facebook
~NOTE: skirt through the posts till you find Dale Van atta’s 1977 interview of Ross Wesley leBaron listed in this site:

https://www.facebook.comHoly Order ›  Ross LeBaron and the Church of the First Born … In 1943, Ross Wesley LeBaron published a pamphlet identifying the seven… ….. Esther Melita [Johnson], married David Tully LeBaronSr. and they lived in …

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Pt 34-B: The Mexico-LeBarons and Their Messianic Missions”

Mormon pioneer and polygamist Benjamin F. Johnson, Dayer LeBaron’s grandfather, my great-great-grandfather,

“A wise person once said that people see what they want to see. That seems to be especially true in religion! Many of them just can’t resist trying to shine brighter than the rest, even if the lights aren’t even on. Live and learn, and don’t repeat the BS, right?”
Kris Wray

This blog is a continuance of my previous blog, “Pt 33,” incest in my immediate family tree. That title got a rise out of many people— brought far more visitors to my site than all my other blogs put together! I suspect they were checking to see if I would reveal some of those well-hidden family skeletons. I’m saving that juicy fruit for my in-print Memoir!

It’s said, “When you turn on the light, all the cockroaches scatter.” In “booking my blog,” my intent is to shine a light on roaches in the crevices that have found cover for far too long. The Scriptures say, “Know the truth and the truth shall set ye free.” I’m reveaing truths many won’t, hoping to bring awareness; minimize lies and lore –– as long as it doesn’t hurt members of my family, friends, and more.

I’m not looking to post scandal to entertain a bunch of Looky-Lue’s and gossip-mongers. I know families have their closet skeletons, their whore mongers. And I know plenty of scandal I haven’t begun to unravel nor reveal … and probably never will … though my blog is a reality show itself, I’m sure. What I’ve already revealed is a room-clearer worthy of a Stephen King Sci-Fi “Unreality” novel!

What bothers me is most visitors to my blog “Pt 33” didn’t bother to read the blog that preceded it. So they missed much of the Stephany-Spencer Reality show and the points I’m trying to put across. Most probably won’t read this nor the rest of my blogs/”Reality Show,” either. Thus, they remain uninformed, misinformed, and misled on many a thing! Just ask Stephen King!

Mom said one of her father Dayer’s favorite quotes was, “He who would learn, let him teach.” And I add: They who would learn, let them read, listen to audiobooks, and go to “The University of” YouTube often … and read my blogs! 🙂

In that vein, let’s continue where we left off in blog “Pt 34-A” where Mother said, “My father Dayer LeBaron’s Great-grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson visited him after he had died and passed on to him the priesthood “scepter of power” or “the mantle” Joseph Smith passed down to him, BFJ, before he died.

“He told my father he was to do a GREAT work in the world to prepare the way for one of his sons to be “the one mighty and strong” /OM&S who would then prepare a gathering place for the Saints in the last days when ALL the destructions in the United States would take place.” 

Does that sound like a bunch of bunk or what?! And why did Grandpa pass the buck? Did he think one of his sons would have more luck; do better than he the job of being the OM&S—be better able to “prepare a gathering place”? IF he HAD the special “priesthood mantle; i.e., was the OM&S,” why did he do so LITTLE with it? Gramp did nothing out of the ordinary any pa might have done when it came to “raising a OM&S son” (LOL!) … and providing for a humongous family.

Inquiring minds want to know! Many people have left the LeBaron groups for lack of “By their fruits you shall know them.” In Other words, the “fruits” they saw convinced them this “gathering place” could not be the work of God! Still, many more descendents and converts to the various present-day Mexico-LeBaron cults continue to abide by and pass on the family lore with wide eyes, closed minds, and little more!!

They are helped along with all the stories in “The LeBaron Story” and “Maud’s Story,” LeBaron books chronicled and published purposely to misslead so as to keep or convert new members and progeny to Joel’s “Church of the Firstborn” which really was Joel’s and Ervil’s “Church;” and mainly Ervil’s brainchild–along with a rich sprinkle of their gifted brother Wesley’s dogma that was also part of the early pennings of “Joel’s” “Church of the Firstborn.”

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Continued March 15, 2019: “Pt 34-C: The Mexico-LeBarons and Their Messianic Missions”

Pt 34-A: My Mama Esther LeBaron Spencer, The Mexico LeBarons, and Hearing Voices

Pt 34: My Mama Esther LeBaron Spencer, The Mexico LeBarons, and Hearing Voices

The young and the old of my dear Grandpa Dayer LeBaron

“There is only one way to bring a child up
in the way he should go
and that is to travel that way yourself.”
Abraham Lincoln

IF it’s true Grandpa Dayer’s grandfather B.F. Johnson held a special priesthood he called “the mantle” or “Scepter of Power,” then there were delusions of grandeur, schizophrenia, and personality disorders in my great-great-grandfather, himself. But I understand that Benjamin F. Johnson’s immediate family say they never heard B.F.J. claim he held ANY such special priesthood power!

Grandpa Dayer LeBaron is said to have claimed his grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson passed on to him a special priesthood blessing and power” called “The Mantle” “that the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith passed on to him, B.F.J., before he died.

That’s another story for another time. If you’re interested in the lore, read Mother’s/Aunt Charlotte’s/ Uncle Verlan’s revisionist histories titled “The LeBaron Story,” and “Maud’s Story.”  These two manuscripts preach a 1980’s whitewashed, enhanced, and rewritten version of the Mexico-LeBaron claims—a tale that has morphed way beyond the early Church of the Firstborn/CFB story I first heard in 1957—the year I was baptized into my uncle Joel LeBaron’s “Church.” I was eleven years old.

The point I’m getting at in this blog is BOTH Grandpa AND Grandma LeBaron had immediate relatives with personality disorders and mental illness (See previous blog, Pt 33, updated since it was published on February 22, 2019).

Says Historian Kris Wray: Benjamin F. Johnson had two brothers – Joel and Seth – whom he said in his “My Life’s Review” experienced “mania” and were “weakened in mind” at one time or another, though he stated they had “sound” minds later. If there was genetic disposition of some form of mental illness in the LeBaron and Johnson lines, which at the point of Dayer had been merged together, Dayer’s dad marrying his Johnson cousin may have magnified it. 

Add to this that BOTH my maternal grandparents heard voices, from time to time, that were “as plain as day,” to quote Grandma. And my maternal grandfather A.D. was said to be a crack pot: He led an extreme, unreasonable, unstable life due to the visions he had and the voices in his head that spoke to him, among other things.

But Grandfather Dayer ALSO showed SOME signs of borderline autistic-personality-disorder. For instance:

1- Things had to be just SO for him. He didn’t deal well with change.

2- He “lacked tact” in dealing with people; i.e., He exhibited low empathy: Couldn’t relate well to how others felt.

3- He was hardheaded—would not compromise nor budge, when it came to his “principles,” and what was “true and right” … no matter the outcome or consequences of his sticking to what he believed was “the truth”! He Was definitely a “Fundi”!

4- He couldn’t tolerate change in beliefs and concepts: e.g, “God and the truth were the same yesterday, today, and forever!” There were no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it! Would this explain why he became a Morman fundamentalist/Fundi: He couldn’t deal with revisionist Mormonism, no matter the reasons for the doctrinal changes?

5- When he was convinced of a certain thing to do or accomplish, he worked harder at it than anybody else around. Could concentrate for long hours at a time, till the job was completed to the best of his ability—a perfectionist. Mother said he/ her father A.D. worked harder than anybody she knew!

His maladies caused him, his wives, and his children to lead an outcast, rather nomadic, Gypsy-like life due to the schizophrenic voices he heard and dreams he had telling him to first do this — then that; then something different altogether. He had a dream, for example, that he was to raise his family in Old Mexico, come hell or high water! So he did!

And no sooner would he have picked up, lock, stock, and barrel, to move to a new homestead, but what the voices might tell him he had to move and set up a new homestead somewhere else! Just one example of how his mental instability affected him and his family. I don’t know if Grandpa Dayer ever came to see how irrational, unstabilizing, and crazy-making all this was! Grandma Maud had to follow his/her husband’s lead because she believed he held the priesthood. In Mormon fundamentalism the man ruled the roost.

Grandpa A.D. LeBaron apparently raised most of his children to believe he had received a special “scepter of power” from his grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson — a mantle wherein he was set apart to do a special work to put the house of God back in order so as to prepare the world for Christ’s second coming.* [My sister who works as a nurse in a mental institution says she hears this kind of stuff daily from her patients!]

This mantle/priesthood power somehow became confused with his raising his sons to believe (so the story goes) that before he died, he would pass on to one of themwhoever showed himself most righteous—this sceptor of power—a power only given to that one mighty and strong the Prophet Joseph Smith said would come in the last days to prepare the Saints for the second coming of Christ.

As to how Mother says my grandfather says [She-says-He-says] he acquired this special “Sceptor of Power,” she told me: When my Pa was fast asleep one night, suddenly he was awakened. There was a bright light in the room. Then Papa said he felt a grip on his shoulder, looked up, and saw his dead grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson standing there surrounded in glory. (Continued in the next blog.)

*[NOTE: Mormon fundamentalists believed the LDS Mormon church had lost the keys to the kingdom and gotten out of order when it signed the Manifesto of 1890, thus doing away with polygamy, “God’s highest and most venerable law.”]

**For further understanding of this topic, check out articles online such as: Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults/ASD Symptoms:

(Continued March 15, 2019, “Pt 34-B: My Mama Esther LeBaron Spencer and Hearing Voices”)