Mormon pioneer and polygamist Benjamin F. Johnson, Dayer LeBaron’s grandfather, my great-great-grandfather,

“A wise person once said that people see what they want to see. That seems to be especially true in religion! Many of them just can’t resist trying to shine brighter than the rest, even if the lights aren’t even on. Live and learn, and don’t repeat the BS, right?”
Kris Wray

This blog is a continuance of my previous blog, “Pt 33,” incest in my immediate family tree. That title got a rise out of many people— brought far more visitors to my site than all my other blogs put together! I suspect they were checking to see if I would reveal some of those well-hidden family skeletons. I’m saving that juicy fruit for my in-print Memoir!

It’s said, “When you turn on the light, all the cockroaches scatter.” In “booking my blog,” my intent is to shine a light on roaches in the crevices that have found cover far too long. The Scriptures say, “Know the truth and the truth shall set ye free.” I’m reveaing truths many won’t, hoping to bring awareness; minimize lies and lore –– as long as it doesn’t hurt members of my family, friends, and more.

I’m not looking to post scandal to entertain a bunch of Looky-Lue’s and gossip-mongers. I know families have their closet skeletons, their whore mongers. And I know plenty of scandal I haven’t begun to unravel nor reveal … and probably never will … though my blog is a reality show in itself, I’m sure. What I’ve already revealed is a room-clearer worthy of a Stephen King Sci-Fi “Unreality” novel!

What bothers me is most visitors to my blog “Pt 33” didn’t bother to read the blog that preceded it. So they missed much of the Stephany-Spencer Reality show and the points I’m trying to put across. Most probably won’t read this nor the rest of my blogs/”Reality Show,” either. Thus, they remain uninformed, misinformed, and misled on many a thing! Just ask Stephen King!

Mom said one of her father Dayer’s favorite quotes was, “He who would learn, let him teach.” I add: They who would learn, let them read, listen to audiobooks, and go to “The University of YouTube” often … and read my blogs! 🙂

In that vein, let’s continue where we left off in blog “Pt 34-A” where Mother said, “My father Dayer LeBaron’s Great-grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson visited him after he had died and passed on to him the priesthood “scepter of power” or “the mantle” Joseph Smith passed down to him, BFJ, before he died.

“He told my father he was to do a GREAT work in the world to prepare the way for one of his sons to be “the one mighty and strong” /OM&S who would then prepare a gathering place for the Saints in the last days when ALL the destructions in the United States would take place.” 

Does that sound like a bunch of bunk or what?! And why did Grandpa pass the buck? Did he think one of his sons would have more luck; do better than he the job of being the OM&S—be better able to “prepare a gathering place”? IF he HAD the special “priesthood mantle; i.e., was the OM&S,” why did he do so LITTLE with it? Gramp did nothing out of the ordinary any pa might have done when it came to “raising a OM&S son” (LOL!) … and providing for a humongous family.

Inquiring minds want to know! Many people have left the LeBaron groups for lack of “By their fruits you shall know them.” In Other words, the “fruits” they saw convinced them this “gathering place” could not be the work of God! Still, many more descendents and converts to the various present-day Mexico-LeBaron cults continue to abide by and pass on the family LeBaronism lore with wide eyes, closed minds, and little more!!

They are helped along with all the stories in “The LeBaron Story” and “Maud’s Story,” LeBaron books chronicled and published purposely to misslead so as to keep or convert new members and progeny to Joel’s “Church of the Firstborn” … which really was Joel’s and Ervil’s “Church;” and mainly Ervil’s brainchild–along with a rich sprinkle of their gifted brother Wesley’s dogma that was also part of the early pennings of “Joel’s” “Church of the Firstborn.”

*This concludes my comments. Thank you for visiting my blog!
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Now, till next time, be of good cheer; Spring is here! ~Stephany

Continued March 15, 2019: “Pt 34-C: The Mexico-LeBarons and Their Messianic Missions”

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    1. That is sure good to know because I vacillate on whether to continue to blog my story. Know that you are one of my favorite followers and fans. When my book comes out in print, I will list you as one of those who kept me going when all else seemed futile!
      Now you keep on blogging too–blogging a book? Check out Nina Amir’s YouTube and print books on “How to Blog a Book” and book your blog!

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