Alma Dayer LeBaron’s second-oldest son Ross Wesley LeBaron, Mormon fundamentalist, “Religion Maker,” and founder of “The Holy Order and The Church of the Firstborn”
(Jan. 1984 Photo taken by/Courtesy of Tom Green)

“My brother Joel helped me set up the church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times in 1955. He agreed to work under my direction until the coming of the mighty and strong spoken of in the 85th section of the Doctrine and Covenants.
“About a few weeks after the incorporation was set up and we’d done some advertising, he said he was “the mighty and strong” and our agreement was now broke. So he went to Mexico and Ervil was his main help then
because he wasn’t up to the job.
Joel was my worst enemy!
The History and Teachings of Ross W. LeBaron:
Interview to Dale Van Atta, 1977 [1]

Continued from “Pt 34-E: The Mexico-LeBarons: Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

Up until Mother’s Brother Joel LeBaron began claiming he was “The One Mighty and Strong,” Mother never said a thing to me about her father Dayer having any “scepter of power.”

It wasn’t even till around 1949, after hearing her brother Ross Wesley preaching about it, that she began to give any credence at all to her pa’s claims of having a “special priesthood power and calling.” Mother says she, soon thereafter, questioned her pa about it. Says he told her he did INDEED have a special mantle–was INDEED set apart to do a great work in this world!

(Mental Institutions are full of people with these very same claims; yet, some people take their word for it and follow them as “profits.”)

Mother was around thirty when her crack-pot pa supposedly informred her he HAD been set aside to do a special work in this world. Yet, somehow, Mother’s older brothers, especially Wesley, had apparently grown up hearing from their father he, Dayer, was anointed/appointed by his grandfather B.F. Johnson to carry on a special priesthood mantle or calling.

It included raising his family in Mexico to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ—“because Christ’s second coming was going to happen very SOON … and in God’s chosen land … Mexico.”

Side note: That proclamation and warning was over 100 years ago! So much for the threat that the end of the world was coming “practically immediately” … so they’d better flee to Mexico, the land of refuge!

These kinds of “sky is falling” claims have been going on LONG before the “Chicken Little” fairy tale was created or writing was invented. And they don’t seem to be going away any time soon — because it’s true: OUR sky IS falling; i.e., we begin dying from the moment we’re born! We all age and die, but the world, itself, continues on.

The Mexico-LeBaron lore goes: “Benjamin F. Johnson told our father he was to raise his sons in Mexico as part of a great work he had been set apart to do in the last days.”

I don’t know how much of these rivalous, grandiose tales developed AFTER Grandpa Dayer died in 1951 — tales of a pontiff-like position of exclusive direction of God’s work — God’s kingdom on Earth — developed first by my mentally-off Grandpa, then by his insane son Ben; then added upon by delusional Uncle Wesley; then by copy-cat Uncle Joel … who got many of his ideas from his older brothers, especially Wesley. I only know Ma was my mother but she and the Mexico-LeBarons were fabricators.

But if Grandpa Dayer was, indeed, as the story presently goes, ordained by his grandfather Benjamin F. Johnson to carry-on “the scepter of power/the Johnson Mantle,” then there’s some BIG-TIME explaining to do! I’ll tell why in the next blog.

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Year of Polygamy Podcast


In the latest episode of the Year of Polygamy podcast, ANTÔNIO TREVISAN TEIXEIRA (Scholar and Historian/Researcher) was interviewed by Lindsay Hansen Park about Ross LeBaron and his Church of the Firstborn. Listen to this very interesting Podcast Interview at the following link:

Continued April 19, 2019: “Pt 34-G: The LeBaron Madmen: Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?”

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