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My Brilliant Uncle Ben Gone Bonkers

A memoir of madness, medication, and music
James Rhodes

In blog “Pt 34-J,” I discussed the novelty of my Grandpa Dayer LeBaron and his son Ben — and probably his son Ross Wesley Sr., too [1] — holding concurrently the Johnson mantle/Right of the Firstborn/OM&S scepter of power.

That’s not only impossible, but bat-shit crazy,
I thought … till recently I talked with an old-time fundi who informed me there are a few Mormon fundamentalist groups who believe ALL the “keys to the kingdom” can be held — if only in waiting — by a number of men; all at one time!

If that doesn’t beat all
, it at least makes possible a few things, in a few fundies’ eyes, that would be impossible, otherwise. That’s all I care to say on the subject!

In my humble opinion, it’s totally “mental” that Uncle Ben and Uncle Ross Wesley Sr. not only each claimed concurrently to be the OM&S, but each also claimed to have gotten their “scepter of power”/patriarchal position from their own father who was still living — and STILL claiming HE, himself, was the ONLY one who held Benjamin F. Johnson’s priesthood mantle/scepter of power/keys to the kingdom — and was, therefore, Joseph Smith’s SOLE patriarchal heir!

But that ain’t the first time there were at least three or more LeBaron “Profits”/Pontiffs claiming the same “sceptre of power” — at the same time — in my SAME Mexico-LeBaron family!

For example: Possibly even cousin Owen LeBaron (1918-1975), at one time, was claimng — concurrently with Dayer, Ben, and Ross Wesley Sr. — that he was the only true OM&S/one-of-a-kind “profit” — while claiming ALL the other OM&S Pontiffs were false prophets who should be put to death! (LOL!)

Well, that’s really not a laughing matter among “mentals:” Uncle Ross Wesley Sr. said he wasn’t against false prophets — such as his brother Joel (Ross Wesley’s arch enemy) — being put to death! [1]

I mentioned in a previous blog: At one time, my uncle’s Ben, Ross Wesley Sr., Joel, AND Ervil were ALL FOUR claiming, CONCURRENTLY, that they each held the special OM&S priesthood power … that THEY each were God’s only mouthpiece to the people—and THAT this position was conferred upon them, EXCLUSIVELY, BY their own father Dayer LeBaron … who, by that time, had passed on … apparently passed on more than his keys to the kingdom, power, and glory: He passed on mental illness.

Glory hallelujah, let’s all be saved — Saved from illusions and delusions of grandeur and power! Mental Institutions abound with miscreants claiming to be God, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, the OM&S, Napolean; you name it.

I thank God daily I didn’t inherit this “blessing,” this “scepter of power” — “God-to-the-people” power-syndrome; a narcisistic, megalomaniac need to be “The Only One”/Top Dog — The best of all God’s cretons in His/Her creation.

God help us! It takes a lot of integrity and self-esteem to resist claiming we’re something we’re not. I love the challenge of being the person I am; being where I am, doing what I am — love being a unique silk worm in metamorphosis, spinning MY gold-silk-thread in the great, grand tapestry of Life — not lost in thinking I’m someone I’m not.

(To be continued)

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See you in the next blog/block …
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~ Stephany Spencer-LeBaron


Continued June 7, 2019: “Pt 34-M: The LeBaron Madmen: Button, Button: Who’s Got the Button?

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