Pt 41-B:
Esther LeBaron Spencer and
“More on” LeBaron Madness”

Five of the seven “One Mighty and Strong” Mexico-LeBaron brothers
(Left to right: Floren, Alma, Verlan, Joel, and Ervil)

Your beliefs will be the light by which you see,
but they will not be what you see;
and they will not be a substitute for seeing.

—Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners

Claiming to be God’s chosen handful is a theme in some religions. But my maternal grandparents’ family, the Mexico-LeBarons, took it a step further: They had to be the most favored family of God’s chosen handful; and even God to the people“.
Had they a problem with sharing; plus feelings of insecurity? Were they perhaps jealous of Jesus, God’s favorite son — or of God, Himself?

Could that be why they claimed to hold The Right of the Firstborn? And to stand as God to the people? Or was something else driving these claims—something besides a Mormon-fundamentalist belief, among some, that my Grandfather Alma Dayer LeBaron received (from his grandfather Benjamin F Johnson) the Prophet Joseph Smith’s scepter of power. Then, just before he died, supposedly passed this scepter on to his most Godly son.

Notwithstanding those controversial claims, what was really going on in the Mexico-LeBaron family? That’s my quest—the purpose behind my pursuing this subject; i.e., to find the culprits and lay them bare; uncover the coverups, craziness, and contradictions.

Various members of my Mexico-LeBaron grandparents’ family talked a lot about their being number onethe only one; the main one; THE best—The One Mighty and Strong; and about their being God to the people.

Some of my maternal grandparents’ children were even out-right vociferous about letting people know they were the greatest person on earth. Apparently, they believed this.

Some of their siblings and their mother/ my Grandmother Maud backed them up in these pompous claims. So did other followers. And my Uncle Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr, for example, boldly tells us, on his “Ross Radio Show,” that he’s the greatest man on earth!

People who think they’re great, usually aren’t. Truly great people leave it to others to announce their greatness. They don’t have to advertise nor brag about themselves. They naturally stand out and are credited. Let’s hope, anyway!

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(Continued: October 31, “Pt 41-C: Esther LeBaron Spencer and ‘More on’ LeBaron Madness”)

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