Pt 41-C:
Esther LeBaron Spencer
and ‘More on’ LeBaron Madness

Five of the seven “one mighty and strong” Mexico-LeBaron boys, left to right: Verlan, Floren, Ervil, Joel, and Alma

“Men never do evil so completely
and cheerfully as when they do it
from religious conviction.”
Blaise Pascal

When it comes to my Mexico-LeBaron relatives claiming to be Number One, the One Mighty and Strong, etc., something else was operating besides their dreams, revelations, and hearing voices that told them they were a Prophet, God’s mediator to the people, and the Lord’s chosen family.

Something else was going on besides their rivalry, competition, preoccupation with power, and psychosis. And something else besides false claims and deception: Some Mexico-LeBarons, at times, were cons who believed their own cons; thus multiplying the conflict and confusion.

Something else was also going on besides my maternal grandparents’ seven sons and their father Dayer being religion makers. That is, most of the OM&S Mexico-LeBarons left behind them in their wake—their demise, at least one religious cult that still follows their teachings. [1]

E.g, today there are numerous men claiming to have gotten their priesthood power and authority from one or another of my Mexico-LeBaron uncles; be it Ross Wesley Sr, Alma, Joel, Ervil, Floren, Verlan….maybe even Uncle Ben and Grandfather Dayer!

Eight men in the Mexico-LeBaron family, including Grandpa Dayer, claimed to be the greatest person on earth, at one time or another; i.e., the One Mighty and Strong. And most claimed to hold “The Right Of the First Born;” in other words, to stand as God on earth—tantamount to the Pope.” [2]

And one of the Mexico-LeBaron women, my Mother Esther, claimed to be the MAIN woman in the world. And to be to her brother Joel what Moses’s sister Miriam was to Moses.

A screw was loose somewhere. If we search, we may find it rolling around. Once we locate it, we’ll find epigenetics, bipolar disease, and multiple personality disorders/MPD in the details. [3]

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[1] “There are good cults and bad cults. Bad cults won’t allow you to leave with your dignity intact:” Steven Hassan on YouTube, foremost authority on cults and cult mind control; Author of Combatting Cult Mind Control – › Combatting-Cult-Mind-Control-Best-selling

  1. Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults [Steven Hassan] on *FREE* …

[2]. (See: Church of the Firstborn (LeBaron order) – Wikipedia

[3]. Epigenetics & Inheritance – Utah Genetics – University of Utah › content › epigenetics › inheritance

  1. Epigenetics & Inheritance. … Epigenetic inheritance is an unconventional finding. It goes against the idea that inheritance happens only through the DNA code that passes from parent to offspring. It means that a parent’s experiences, in the form of epigenetic tags, can be passed down to future generations.

Epigenetics. In psychology, (behavioral) epigenetics is the study of what role genetics and environment take in the shaping of behavior. This is chiefly the study of how nurture (upbringing and experiences) affects and shapes behavior (hereditary nature of the subject).Epigenetics definition | Psychology Glossary | › glossary › definition › term=Epigenetics

(Continued: November 07, “Pt 41-D: Esther LeBaron Spencer and ‘More on’ LeBaron Madness”)

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