La Mora, Sonora:


Due to the recent Mexico-LeBaron tragedy,
I interrupt my regular-scheduled blog to post
the following Memorial.

MSN.COM: US Victims in Mexico massacre were tied to family with long history of violence

In Memoriam:
My condolences to my extended-family members and friends murdered in the recent drug-cartel LaMora, Sonora, Mexico massacre.

I’m grateful to have escaped the LeBaron Mormon colonies in 1967. Nevertheless, am in a state of grief as I try to comprehend and move beyond this most recent violence instigated by competing Mexican-mafia and their drug-cartel turf wars.

My heart goes out to my relatives, extended family, and friends in the aftermath of this incomprehensible Cartel retaliation.

I pray for the survivors as they work to pick up the pieces, regain strength, and go on with their lives; while trying to deal with the terrible trauma, loss, and inability to understand how anybody could do such an inhumane thing; including murdering, in the worst manner, innocent mothers and children!

How could any human criminal leave so many suffering survivors and families to deal with a future of unbearable sorrow and missing links in their family web!

But the Mexico-LeBarons are a strong breed. Their history has proven they don’t and won’t give up easily. It’s not in their making; nor in their belief system.

You will understand better my Mexico-LeBaron extended-family members and their recent tragedy, once you listen to the following excellent documentation I borrowed off Facebook:

* Courtesy of Laura Kelly
(Director of Sound Choices Coalition) and Facebook:

(Says Kristyn Decker, Author of “Fifty Years in Polygamy,” and founder of “Sound Choices Coalition:
“Thank you, Laura Kelly, for sharing
the following article explaining our
[Mormon fundamentalist] connections to the victims.
It’s SO devastating. Lots of tears & sadness!!”):

click on the following link for Documentary
on the LeBaron massacre tragedy:

MSN.COMUS victims in Mexico massacre were tied to family with a long history of violence.

“The roadside killings of nine U.S. citizens in northern Mexico has brought renewed attention to the scattered communities of Mormons who settled in the country more than a century ago to escape persecution …

Cont. November 14, 2019,
“Pt 41-D:
Esther LeBaron Spencer
and ‘More on’ LeBaron Madness”

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