Pt 41-D:
Esther LeBaron Spencer
and ‘More on’ LeBaron Madness”

My Bipolar-compromised uncle, Benjamin T. LeBaron

I learned again and again in my life,
until you get your own act together,
you’re not ready for Big Love.
What you’re ready for is one of those

codependent relationships where
you desperately need a partner.” 

 Bruce H. Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect:
The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth

Recently I read/ listened to Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison‘s excellent biography, Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire: A Study of Genius ...” [1]

Harvard Professor Robert Lowell was one of America’s greatest poets….and bipolar. During manic splits, he exhibited claims and traits reminiscent of my Mexico-LeBaron family. Sadly, he spent years in and out of mental institutions.

After reading Professor Jamison’s indepth study of this bipolar-compromised person, I now better understand the “something else” that caused some of my Mexico-LeBaron family’s maniacal claims, bizarre beliefs, and lifestyle.

But it was after reading and also listening to scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s books, “The Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution,” that I found the final “something else” I was seeking as to why my maternal grandparents and their otherwise intelligent, gifted children hung onto crazy, formidable fundamentalism and behavior, against all odds. [2]

I figured part of the Mexico-LeBaron something-else anomaly had to do with growing up deluged in an environment such as the following:

1- Fanaticism, toxic perfectionism, poverty, ostracism; and fundamentalist Mormon doctrines and lifestyle.

2- Their Mormon mother Maud’s obsession with being “the best” in this, that, and the other.

3- Their mentally-challenged, possibly borderline-autistic father Dayer, with his claims of being the greatest man on earth—who, upon his death, would pass his scepter of power on to “one” of his sons.

4- Prevalent physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and perhaps even sexual abuse in the Mexico-LeBaron family.

The above and more had something to do with why all the Mexico-LeBaron children, except the oldest child Irene, claimed (at one time or another) to be the greatest person on earth; and other such.

Yet, I was at a loss as to why the Mexico-LeBarons continued to cling to their crazy claims and fundamentalist beliefs, against all odds. I couldn’t understand this seemingly backward, unintelligent behavior till I read/listened to father-of-epigenetics Dr. Bruce Lipton‘s books and YouTube productions.

Professor Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., in his groundbreaking work, explains how scientists have found that in the first seven years of life our mind is in a state of hipnosis; wherein, it downloads huge amounts of information, language, beliefs, etc., without effort or question.

Then, the rest of our life, at least 95% of what we do and think is controlled by our subconscious mind run by the downloaded tapes from our first seven years.

In other words, my Mexico-LeBarón family was guided by the epigenetic code they downloaded in their first seven years—a code they couldn’t contest, didn’t question, and followed verbatim; as though in a trance. [3]

Our first seven years spent in a hypnotic childhood trance is how we all acquire our epigenetic code/lifestyle that determines how we live the rest of our life—unless something happens so extreme it causes us to hit rock bottom enough to question our thoughts and actions; all we were raised to believe in, revere, and be.

It’s synonymous to 12-Step programs such as Addict-Alcoholics Anonymous, wherein the addict must hit rock bottom before concluding it’s worth doing whatever it takes to change his/her behavior.

Dr. Lipton explains we normally, otherwise, spend only 5% of our life in the present/the now, observing, questioning, and considering new ways of looking at the world and our life.

I suffered so much (especially during the 4.5 years I was married to polygamist William Tucker) that I dared to question my epigenetic code, upbringing, and beliefs—against all odds.

In other words, I hit rock bottom! This led to eventually escaping the destructive Mormon cult and its undue mind control that had hijacked, from birth, my life and who I was.

It wasn’t easy to flee. In leaving Mormonism, I lost pretty much everything except freedom to create a new life and belief system. And freedom to find my authentic self.

Difficult though this new road has been, I gave my life for it, haven’t looked back; and don’t regret it. Though it’s been immensely difficult in every way to make it up from down under, since my escape, it hasn’t been difficult enough to get me back into Mormonism—or any “ism.

But facing the abyss for years, after losing my religious foundation, family, friends (i.e., my life support) has left me sympathetic to the many True-believers/Fundies who remain in miserable, masochistic lifestyles they downloaded in their first seven years of life.

Nonetheless, I grieve that, by not having the foresight, strength, and courage to leave high-demand, enslaved lifestyles, Fundies/True-believers continue to propagate countless more enslaved souls who ate destined to live hijacked lives in destructive, totalism cults laden with undue-mind-control tactics, fanaticism, and lack of freedom. [4]

That said, I suffice my quest, and rest my case with the following conclusion: Epigenetics is the final “something else” that drove the Mexico-LeBarons’ craziness and convoluted lifestyle that they pursued and endured against all odds and seeming sanity.

*Thanks for visiting.
The best is yet to come!
~ Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Cont. Nov. 28, 2019, in “Pt 41-E: Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr and “More on” LeBaron Madness”

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