Part 41-G: Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr
and “More on” LeBaron Madness

“People who think they are great,
usually aren’t”

Old adage
Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr and first wife Thelma Cox
(Courtesy of Mary B. Taylor)

The following very old newspaper feeds were posted on Tumblr.
(See Tumblr for more Photos of these articles. Clicking on links in the pieces may take you to the complete articles—if they’re still there):

“Thelma Elena Cox poses in picture
“seeking husband to support my 8 children”

This story is Mormon fundamentalism
in a nutshell… 

“Thelma Elena Cox poses in a picture for a “seeking husband to support my 8 children” newspaper ad in April 1949 (That’s 8 children in 12 years (1937-1949). 

“Thelma Cox (1918-1991) married Ross LeBaron Sr (1914-1996) in 1936 when she was 18 years old.

“They moved to what would later become Colonia LeBaron at some point (in the 1930s). They moved to Mesa, Arizona in ca. 1940 and then to Salt Lake City, probably the following year.” 

“From May 1948: 
Sister, 8, Saves Infant, Boy Who Found Match Box 

“Youngsters are children of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Wesley LeBaron

“Charles, 4, played with matches Monday night, and May Blossom, 8, was responsible for saving Jenny Lou, 1, and Daisy, the terrier, from smoke-filled rooms In old Copper hotel, 1660 N. 14th West, isolated for many years—since the copper mills in the northwest section of Salt Lake City were dismantled—the old Copper hotel, 1660 N. 14th West, became center of attraction Monday night.  Firemen Show Up Police, Press Race 

“But the building which once housed more than 100 copper mill workers soon lost the limelight to four of the smallest of its present occupants.

“An alarm was received by city firemen at 8:15 p.m. It sent heavy fire-fighting equipment over little- used, rutted roads to the old buildings now owned by Vernon Farnsworth and used mostly for casting pulleys, with three rooms occupied as living quarters by the family of Ross Wesley LeBaron.

“Fire Fighters Called Asst. Fire Chief Don E. White led fire fighters into the smoke- filled kitchen. Firemen carried out a burning mattress and bedding which scorched a corner of the room.

“Then began the investigation. Energy-packed Charles, 4, one of the LeBarons’ seven children had taken advantage of his parents’ absence to climb from a high chair onto a sideboard, and by standing on tiptoe he reached a box of matches.

“He lighted them in the corner and the bedding was ignited. It was burning hard when the smoke and the little boy’s cries attracted attention of May Blossom, the 8-year-old.

“She herded Charles out of the house, counted the other four children playing outside the building, and ran past the flames to the bedroom to get year-old Jenny Lou, who was sleeping on the bed.

“Carried Tot Out Covering the baby’s face with a blanket, “so she wouldn’t get smoke in her.face,” and closing the bedroom door,“ May Blossom carried the tot outside and to the nearest neighbor’s house. There she gave the alarm.

” When the neighbor returned with her, May Blossom insisted the bedroom window be broken so Daisy, the family’s pet terrier, could get out. Firemen said the fire did practically no damage other than to the bedding, because May Blossom, to get her tiny sister past the flames, threw paps of water onto the door and the burning cot.

“Police and press alike bowed Monday night to efficiency of the Salt Lake City fire department. In answering, the fire alarm at the old Copper hotel, 1660 N. 14th West, the fire fighters followed a true course, arriving as speedily as the equipment could make the run.

“In contrast, four press cars, carrying reporters and photographers and little yellow city street directories, spent from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes looking for the route.

“Police, finally called to assist one photographer, got snarled in maps and directories, too, and spent 45 minutes seeking the road. Aided by directions relayed by the radio dispatcher from the assistant fire chief’s radio car, they found it.”  

Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr on KZZI, circa 1988

(Courtesy of historian Kris Wray)

(Continued December 5, 2019,
“Pt 41-H: Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr and
“More on” LeBaron Madness)

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