Pt 41-M:
Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr and
“More on” LeBaron Madness

Circa 2003: Stephany Spencer-LeBaron, age 57;
36 years after fleeing polygamy and the cult

“There are no heros.
Only heroic decisions.
You are never further
than one decision away from
making a difference.

It doesn’t matter whether
it is a big difference
or if it is a small difference,
because you don’t have to
save the world by yourself:

All you have to do is
lay down one brick….
All you have to do is
make things a little bit better
in a small way
so that other people
can lay their brick
on top of that
or beside that.

And together,
step by step,
day by day,
year by year,
we build the foundation
of something better.”

-Edward Snowden

I left off in the previous blog saying it takes generations
to fully overcome the setbacks of bad parentage and heritage.
For all mine and other ex-cult members’ accomplishments,
we could’ve done more
had we not started out from down under.

I escaped Mormonism, polygamy, and the LeBaron cult in 1967. Fifty-three years later, I’m still struggling due to setbacks and dilemmas brought on by my upbringing in fanatic, cult fundamentalism/LeBaronism.

This does not even take into account setbacks and harm done to me by my father—harm entailing, among other things, damage he inadvertently passed on due to his own traumatized upbringing and background—one that included abandonment and coming from a part American-Indian heritage.

We can’t begin to fathom what the American Indians and their posterity
have had to overcome and rise above, since the European take over.

Even so, I prefer being part European-American, despite the price paid,
as opposed to living an all-American-Indian lifestyle;
especially the one existing before the European take over.

All humans have had their cross to bear; their setbacks.
But we’ve chosen to get down off the cross and not carry it:
The world needs the wood.

Everyone has to start with what they’re born with; go from there.
Thank God nothing’s all bad. Everybody has been blessed in countless ways.

I’m grateful there was genius on both sides of my parentage,
despite the downsides—enough to sink a ship.

But we don’t abandon the ship.
On our hero’s Journey,
we keep going,
keep trying;
keep doing our best
with the cards dealt.

Our motto is:
We don’t give up.
We won’t be kept down;
Caught in the fray,
We stick around.

We give the fight
Our best shot
Till death doth take us,
Like it or not;
We give thanks
Whatever our lot.
(by Stephany Spencer-LeBaron)

I’ve never heard the Mexico-LeBarons complain.
They are, in general, a proud and religious people.
Same goes for my Spencer side of the family.

As a whole,
they’ve all done good in the world,
whatever the deck dealt.
In that, they and I can be proud.
Our family flags will wave forever!

Continued January 30, 2020,
“Pt 41-A–M: Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr
and “More on” LeBaron Madness

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