Jim Gaffigan

Madigan and Gaffigan
   By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

 What a brilliant comedian is Jim Gaffigan
He makes me laugh then laugh again
His moniker is “Mr. Universe”
He’s earned this title in action and verse
He’s a regular dynamo running in reverse!

Most stand-up comics lewdly gesture and curse
Their work is loaded with smut and worse
Trying to Cover for jokes that are lame
They employ obscenities showing no shame

But Gaffigan’s humor is hilarious and clean
At least any of it that I’ve ever seen
If only more humorists were so entertaining
They didn’t need filth to create comic meaning

Another actor like Jim Gaffigan
Is comedienne Kathleen Madigan
She, too, makes me laugh ‘n’ laugh again
Both Comics ad lib with wisdom and wit
Sans pornography, profanity, and words like *#%!
(Well, you get it!)

Doctors say laughter is the best medicine
If you’re lookin’ to grin ‘n’ grin again
Tune in and turn on to Madigan ‘n’ Gaffigan
Enjoy the best of the tubes Internet laugh-in!

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