My Hypnotic-Regression “Rebirthing” Session

In 1986, I learned it was possible to be hypnotized and taken back to the moment I was born. Being a curious person undergoing personal growth, self-discovery, and healing, I hired an excellent psychotherapist who specialized in doing psychological “Rebirthings.”

Through my hypnotic-regression session, this therapist guided me back to the moment of my birth; and into the reliving of my nascency!

That’s when I became certain of two things:
Everything is stored in our memory from birth.
But: There were even things in my memory bank and Rebirthing, hypnotic-regression experience that took place before I was born.

Therefore, I know now we’re present in spirit, watching what goes on before we’re born. E.g., I wasn’t born yet, but I saw Daddy come rushing anxiously into the house with a lantern and rope.

Then he rapidly attached the rope to the ceiling, the gas lantern to the rope; then lit the lantern, exhaling a sigh of relief when the flame glowed brightly.

He was preparing the room for my birth! World War II had barely ended, taking with it many of the adversities of the Great Depression. Still, where I was born, in the Mexican Valley of St. Good Fortune, there was not yet electricity.

The town’s Obstetrician, Dr. Reyes, was in the next scene of my hypnotic-regression, “Rebirthing” experience; sent for by the makeshift Midwife, Beulah McNeil (my namesake), when she saw I was coming breech.

Both mother and baby often die during at-home breech deliveries, sans hospital procedures. But, after much ado, this skilled physician delivered me alive; saving Mama too.

 So, at 4 AM, Thursday, April 18, 1946, in the little town with the big name — El Valle de San Buenaventura, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico — through luck, supernatural intervention, and Obstetrician expertise, Mom and I survived an at-home breech birth.

I was the second child of Mormon fundamentalist parents Floyd Otto Spencer and Esther LeBaron-McDonald de Spencer.

They wanted seven boys in a row, because Mother had loved growing up in the middle of seven brothers. They got seven girls in a row, instead. Karmic justice?

The rest is “Her-story mixed with Mystery.” You shall hear how I fared in Mexico, down past the Rio Grande.

The following poem describes birth scenes I relived during my “Discovering-Self,” hypnotic-regression, “Rebirthing” session:

My Nascency
In Mexico, Down Past the Rio Grande 

by Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

In a little adobe hut 
Down past the Rio Grande
Hung a brightly lit lantern 
Near a bed-stand.

I hung
Upside-down in Doc’s hand
While he slapped me on my bottom 
With the other;
All were screaming, “Breathe!”
Including travailed Mother.

But I refused to breathe!
I’d barely entered Earth
Through Ma’s vaginal canal 
In a painful breech birth,

When I heard Papa howl, 
“God-dammit! Another girl!”
So I did not want to remain
In this hostile world.

Then, to add to the pain,
Doc unfurled a wallop on me
Augmenting ear-piercing noises
And lights glaring brightly.

But spankings are more 
Than a newborn can bear
So I suddenly sucked in
A BIG breath of air.

Thus began life
Down past the Rio Grande
But having breathed in
The breath of life
 I couldn’t stand 
Its struggles and strife!

So I let out a scream 
And started to cry
My ups-and-downs had begun
Till death do I die

First upside-down in 
Great big Doc’s hand
Then swaddled up close 
In sweet Motherland

Caressed by my mom’s 
Kind loving hand,
In Mexico 
Down past the Rio Grande.

Well, that’s how life’s been
For me on this earth;
“From the womb to the tomb,” 
It’s been gloom ‘n’ mirth:

First down: suffering 
That painful breech birth;
Then up: at Mom’s warm bosom 
Learning to nurse.

Things could be worse, 
So I’ve decided to stay
Ups, downs, and all
Till this present day!

2 thoughts on “Memoir poem I wrote: My Hypnotic-Regression “Rebirthing” Session: Nascency in Mexico Down Past the Rio Grande

    1. If you do contact a Rebirthing Specialist that takes you back to when you first entered this world, I would love to hear about your experience.

      I don’t have a lot of confidence in hypnotherapists who claim to be able to take us back into our past lives, though. But were I that interested, I would look around for the best past-life hypnotist I could find in the LA area.

      I have had some experiences that let me know there are past lives and a hereafter. That is enough for me to know, right now.


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