I’m in middle row, 2nd to left

Oh, To Be Just Me!

I was born some time ago
Way out in the sticks
In a  Mormon colony in Mexico
In nineteen-forty-six

My family moved to the U.S.
When I was only one —
Right after The Great Depression
And World War II were done.

We’re now eleven kids
Though I’m only twelve;
For everything I’ve ever had,
I’ve had to dig ‘n’ delve.

I’m told strife will strengthen me
Clear down to my core;
Hope this really is the case —
For “Strengthening’s” such a chore!

Can’t wait till I’m grown-up
And have a family;
For instead of just “becoming,”
I’d really like to “be.”
Oh, to be me!

(Written at age 12)

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