<p class="has-drop-cap has-text-align-center has-white-color has-red-background-color has-text-color has-background has-normal-font-size" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"> <img width="275" height="183" src="https://stephanybspencer.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/dark-bridge-and-orange-skies.jpg&quot; alt="dark-bridge-and-orange-skies"><br><strong>Eventually!</strong><br>By Stephany Spencer-LeBarón<br><br>I know God loves us<br>All the same.<br>And we each partake<br>Of joy and pain,<br>Free will and choice,<br>Loss and gain.<br><br>Plus a chance to Journey <br>To the Waters main,<br>Drink up, and make<br>A memorable name.<br>And an understanding<br>Of all things attain.<br><br>God gives us much for free,<br>And carries us when<br>We're too weak to be.<br><br>Though the journey is<br>Far from ever easy,<br>The lessons learned<br>Affect us deeply.<br><br>Those who are ready<br>Eventually may see<br>The purpose of it all…<br>Eventually! dark-bridge-and-orange-skies
By Stephany Spencer-LeBarón

I know God loves us
All the same.
And we each partake
Of joy and pain,
Free will and choice,
Loss and gain.

Plus a chance to Journey 
To the Waters main,
Drink up, and make
A memorable name.
And an understanding
Of all things attain.

God gives us much for free,
And carries us when
We’re too weak to be.

Though the journey is
Far from ever easy,
The lessons learned
Affect us deeply.

Those who are ready
Eventually may see
The purpose of it all…

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