Point blank:
The point at which all thought
leaves the frontal lobe
and one comes face-to-face
with writers block.

Author unknown/Dan pointer?

Point blank:
1- The point at which one’s empty cartridge pen
pummels the range between a gun and its target
called writers block.

2- The point at which one’s brain
is shot through by the bullet of writers block.

Oh hell,
Oh well,

Steph Spencer
 More Doggerl, Blarney, 'n' Bluff
by Steph 'n'  Stuff ...
or have you had enough:

Ships passing in the night.jpg

My Life’s a Wreck

My life’s a shipwreck —
gone all to heck!
Or could I conclude
that ship’s sailed
like two ships
passing in the night
coming unglued?

Maybe I should say
my life’s a train wreck …
or has that train
left the station too
like two trains
passing a wreck or two?

I’ve lived a long time …
A lifetime
longing for love,
acceptance, a honey,
fun, friends, faith,
to be thin, fit in,
have lots of money.

So to say
thoughts are things
and they created my life
sounds funny.

I only know
old age and fate
have blown my plans to heck.
And that ain’t funny,
That’s a wreck!

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