Part 19-W, Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer —
And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low

William Preston Tucker and Stephen Silver

People don’t see
what they don’t want to see
till they want to see.

Stephany Spencer

Taking up where we left off in, “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low, Part 19-V”:

Being an adolescent nineteen year old, poorly educated, brainwashed, backward, duped, and dumb, I had no idea what the hell was going on when, while visiting Guadalajara, Mexico around early 1966 with my twenty-nine-year-old handsome husband Billy Tucker, I unwittingly witnessed, without knowing it at the time, him and his horn-rimmed buddy Stephen Silver making “a connection” — a hit — at the Mariachi Squarefamous the world over as a gathering place for homosexuals … I learned years later.

Back then I had believed on-the-down-low Bill’s bull when he told me he and his pal Steve would be out late “doing missionary work.” (In the missionary position?)

Later that night, I didn’t see them in action, I heard them in action — After Bill had left me at Stephen Silver’s home with Stephen’s two wives (one of them my sister) so he could, as he told me, “go back and rescue Stephen from the hotbed of bad influences at Mariachi Square.

As it so happened, that evening, long after I’d retired, I was awakened by weird midnight noises wafting up to my loft above from the living room below only fifty feet away — strange, odd animal expletives, guttural grunts, groans, and sensuous heavy breathing. How heedless, how hedonistic of Bill and Steve to believe their women were fast asleep or wouldn’t hear. I could swear their “little head” was doing the thinking that night!

At the time, though, I was “asleep …couldn’t hear” when it came to being in the dark about Bill’s double life. He knew he could count on that. He knew homosexuality was in my blind spot. I didn’t even know the word or act existed, let alone what it meant — let alone that my own “saintly” Mormon husband and my “saintly” Mormon brother-in-law Stephen Silver, Bill’s best buddy — his old French missionary pal and roommate — were “one” … including being frauds!

They had spent two years as missionary partners in the Mormon French mission field in the mid to late 1950s, when they were at their sexual prime — around nineteen to twenty-one years old — sharing the same bed or bunk! (Not sure which one was “on top.”)

Now wise, I realize those passionate sounds and other activities I witnessed on that “trip” weren’t “doing missionary work”! And Bill and Stephen had brought home with them at least one of the gay guys they connected with at Mariachi Square that night.

Continued in “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low, Part 19-X








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