Pt 31-D: Esther LeBaron Spencer, The-Mexico-LeBarons, and Mental Illness My Songmaker CD Blurb
~Picking up where we left off on “Pt 31-C: My Mama Esther LeBaron Spencer, The- Mexico-LeBarons, and Mental Illness”:
X–  Another factor leading to mental problems in the Dayer and Maud LeBaron family is: They held much in because they were supposed to be perfect Mormon Saints and keep a smile on their face at all times, so to speak. Perfectionists, they couldn’t admit to imperfections nor weaknesses. but sadly, they expected TOO much of themselves—impossible things no one could live up to.
 Y–  There was incest involved, too. How much? Don’t know. Only know there are skeletons in their closets. First cousins married each other, for example — even having been told that would compound the mental illness that ran in both sides of their families! (Is the adidge “All’s fair in love and war” really true? I only know Cupid’s/ Libido’s bow shoots a strong arrow!)
 Z– Last, though not least — and a biggie: The Mexico-LeBarons were CREATIVES. If you study the genealogy of poets, artists, musicians, inventors, writers, spiritual leaders, and so on, you will find mental illness is a common thread running in many of these creatives’ families. The following are some of the many books I found in the Public Library covering this topic:

Suffice it to say, to generate healing and better mental health, people must take responsibility for their own actions—not blame the devil or other people for what happens to them and their children. Raising children is a very serious business. It makes a huge difference what the parents do and don’t do—and what the atmosphere and temperature is of the home and community they grow up in. “It takes a village.” And when it comes to social ills, there is enough blame to go around. Enough said, though I could write a book on the subject of child-rearing—as many writers have already done! Despite the unfortunate mental illness in my Mexico-LeBaron family born to Maud and Dayer, presently and in the past there have been many notable LeBarons. The Mexico-LeBarons are but one faction of the LeBarons the world over. But the Mexico-LeBarons have a huge posterity—I do mean HUGE! My parents’ progeny, alone, extends into the thousands. And the number is growing exponentially as I write. Many of these gifted Mexico-LeBarons, the offshoots from Dayer and Maud LeBaron, are doing courageous, creative, and outstanding things. Very few of them, despite the many travails they have survived, have succumbed to mental illness. All of them, as far as I know, are making a go of it. And most of them are doing better than the Mexico-LeBaron family my mother was born into. It says a lot for my Mexico-LeBaron family “forrest.” They are all glowing examples of what the human spirit is capable of. (Continued February 7, 2019, in “Pt 32: My Mama Esther LeBaron Spencer, and Mental Illness”)

NOTE: The following is a lovely message left me on my Facebook page by one of my many nieces Julie LeBaron Elkins. It’s the perfect example of feedback I look for and am motivated by. I appreciate lovely Julie’s taking the time to write this beautifully-worded paragraph:

“My Auntie is so amazing! Ty for your blog, I know it has helped me. Still reading, I have to take breaks as it does affect me and I have to still peal the layers off. Ty for the example you are and the courage it took to get where you are and the heart to help your family even though they turned their backs on you. I am so happy that I have you in my life and finally got to meet you. đź’—Will remember to take notes as I am reading to give you feedback as promised.”

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