Benjamin F. Johnson, Joseph Smith’s brother-in-law, confidant, and early Mormon pioneer

“One cannot change
what one refuses to look at.
Understanding their point of view,
their position,
and how they got that way
is a beginning.”

My uncle Joel Franklin LeBaron wasn’t much different from his father Alma Dayer who, before him, claimed to be the one mighty and strong/OM&S/Patriarch over the whole earthGod’s mouthpiece to the people/The greatest man on earth/ …

Or whatever each claimant chose to call his position: Grandpa and each of his seven sons often used different terms to state basically the same message: “I am Number One.”

But Grandfather Dayer LeBaron, in all his years, couldn’t get himself and HIS own family off the ground, let alone “prepare the way for one of his sons to be the OM&S/God to the people.

He was too mentally challenged, for starters. For finishers: It was a megalomaniac (2) chore!

Ultimately, all my grandfather and his sons brought about was more Mormon fundamentalist splinter groups and colonies. And DESTRUCTION within his family, extended family, and the world!

That’s pretty much the same story for his son Joel Franklin LeBaron who claimed his father Dayer passed on to him, just before he died, his OM&S “scepter of power.”

Dayer claimed to have gotten the scepter of power from his grandfather Benjamin Franklin Johnson who, he said, got it from Joseph Smith … to whom he, Benjamin F. Johnson, was sealed as a son … they say.

But if this were the case, why didn’t wise, reliable, successful B.F. Johnson mention something so important in his autobiography, “My Life’s Review”?

If the “Scepter of Power”/”The Mantle” was supposed to be passed from father to son, why did BFJ pass this mantle to a somewhat derelict, divorced, outcast grandson; NOT to one of his OWN many amazing, strong sons? (He had seven wives and umpteen children) It all sounds/smells pretty fishy to me!

Many families and lives have been destroyed or ruined at the hands of the Mexico-LeBaron cults and their fishy tales!

My life was largely ruined because of them … and Mormon fundamentalism started by Joe Smith. Therefore, if my blogs keep even one person from ending up in a LeBaron or any other cult, it will have been worth my time to put my experiences and thoughts in print.

The Mexico-LeBarons couldn’t save themselves, let alone help the Lamanites/indigenous Mexican people “blossom as the rose” [one of their many claims] —

— let alone prepare God’s chosen people for Christ’s second return by setting up for the Saints a gathering place/Zion to save the world in the last days … “just before Armageddon sets in”—or the sky falls. It was purely delusional thinking!

The “One Mighty and Strong” Prophet/Profit/Patriarch lore, including preparing a gathering place/Zion in Mexico in the Rocky Mountains, was first told to me in 1957-1958, by my mother Esther LeBaron-McDonald Spencer — as it was supposedly told to her about 100 years ago by her father and OM&S/ Patriarch/”God to the people” brothers.

Mother’s second-youngest brother Floren LeBaron was still claiming, till his dying day February 17, 2019—two months short of age 92:

“This angel TOLD my father to go to Mexico and raise his family THERE because he had a SPECIAL work to do in THAT land!

“Benjamin F. Johnson [Floren’s Great-grandfather] told MY father ‘from this day fwd the great things to transpire portending to the kingdom of God would transpire to the south — would take place in Mexico.’ “

COMMENTARY: I would like to have told Uncle Floren:
Piss or get off the pot! Wake up and smell the coffee! You’ve got to get real and get with it! Irrational dogma keeps you in a brainwashed, mind-controlled fog!

Since that “Angel” and your Great-grandpa Benjamin F. Johnson supposedly told your father what to do, around 125 years ago, all I’ve seen of much report or consequence in Mexico and Colonia LeBaron is the rise of the drug cartels …

And “the gathering place”/Zion change OVER TEN times since your father Dayer LeBaron started “LeBaronism;” and first supposedly said “This is the placeThen was followed by his boys/your brothers Ben, Wesley, Joel, Ervil, YOU, and Verlan who each also said “This is the place” … then kept CHANGING the place!

 So much for Grandpa Dayer LeBaron’s vision he had over a hundred years ago that foretold, among other things, “the GREAT future of Mexico and the GREAT DISTRUCTION of the United States!”
Reality is, if the US falls, Mexico goes with it!

In fact, where would the LeBarons and even Mexico be today, were it not for the United States andthe wicked-worldly people/The Beast” providing them jobs and all else?!

So much for the Messianic, doomsday, LeBaronite message that has only created a gathering of frightened, worried, religious warriors willing to fight for right and gather to a safe haven—in MEXICO … or Central America … or South America … or Canada — Just so it’s in the Rocky Mountain Range — or NOT!

As it turns out, the Mexico-LeBarons didn’t have to wait for the destructions they proclaimed were going to hit the United States:
The destructions were already hitting BIG-TIME right there in their OWN back yard a la “E-Vile/Evil-Ervil” … and more.

Oh, but that’s to be expected, goes the lore:The devil fights the truth, you know!” No matter what happens or doesn’t happened in their “True Church,” they always blame it on Satan:
He’s trying to thwart the work of God.”

Said my possessed Uncle Ross Wesley LeBaron, in 1977: (3)
This is going on in the LeBaron family particularly because we are, definitely, the patriarchal family of the line of the Prophet Joseph Smith.”

*This concludes today’s comments.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Till next time, be of good cheer!
Spring’s sprung this year!
~Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

(1) messianic: adjective (mes·​si·​an·​ic | \ ˌme-sē-ˈa-nik  \Definition of messianic:
1: of or relating to a messiah — this messianic kingdom
2: marked by idealism and an aggressive crusading spirit — messianic zeal/on a messianic mission1

(2) Definition of megalomania

(2) 1:  A mania (see MANIA sense 2a) for great or grandiose performance.
2:  A delusional mental illness that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

3- See:Ross LeBaron: Interview to Dale Van Atta, 1977

4-One of my uncle Floren’s daughters-in-law told me Floren NEVER claimed to be a prophet!! In fact, she said (I’m paraphrasing):

“Awhile back around 15 men camped on his doorstep for days imploring him to take up the mantle that was now rightly his and lead them!

But Floren simply kept telling them he didn’t have any special appointed priesthood mantle/”scepter of power” and never did!

“They eventually picked up their bed rolls, knapsacks, and selves, and went disappointedly on their way!”

Continued March 29, 2019: “Pt 34-E: The Mexico-LeBarons and Button, Button: Who’s Got the Button?”

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