Pt 34-N: The LeBaron Madmen:
Button, Button: Who Got the Button?

The above Photo shows five of the seven “Mexico-LeBaron madmen”, Mother’s brothers, who claimed to be “The One Mighty and Strong” at one time or another in their life.
From left to right, my Uncle’s: Ervil, Joel, Verlan, Alma, and Floren LeBaron

“And now, if there are faults,
they are the mistakes of men
The Book of Mormon
~Joseph Smith

In 2016, One of my Uncle Floren LeBaron’s daughters-in-law swore her father-in-law, Floren LeBaron, never claimed to be a prophet! But she doesn’t know the whole story; only what she was told and surmised.

I recall when Uncle Floren started his own movement and gathering places. It was before his above daughter-in-law was born.

Apparently, by the time she joined Floren’s extended family, Uncle Floren — good for him — no longer claimed to be “The One Mighty and Strong,” nor to carry any “keys to the kingdom;” nor the priesthood mantle his father supposedly claimed to hold, and was to pass down to “one” of his sons at his death.

Recently, I spoke with some friends and old-time Fundies. They told me they knew Floren at the time he had a camp of followers in Los Molinos, Mexico; another in South America; and perhaps a third camp in Colonia LeBaron, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico.

They told me Harold Tippits and Ross Jr. (among others I won’t name here), were Floren’s followers, at one time.

Here’s further proof Floren once set up his own “Zion:” Church of the Firstborn (LeBaron order) – Wikipedia “Floren LeBaron had helped to form a loosely organized faction recognizing no formal leader.[31]

Also, Uncle Ross Wesley LeBaron Sr. said:
“Now, I don’t go along with either Joel’s movement or Verlan’s movement or Ervil’s; and now there’s a Floren, another brothren, and he’s trying to start a movement.”
(See my blog : “Pt 34-J: The LeBaron Madmen: Button, Button: Who’s Got the Button?”)

Lastly, to cement my testimony that Uncle Floren did once claim to be the OM&S, or at least started a movement like that of his other brothers, see Ch. 34 of Irene Spencer’s Cult Insanity, published 2009:
She states:

“The members of the Church of the Firstborn were deeply saddened when Verlan announced at a conference that Floren would no longer be working with his brothers. He had forfeited his position as one of the twelve apostles.

“To this day, Floren believes that he is the only LeBaron brother who can fulfill his father’s prophecy, ‘that through him and his sons, all the nations of the earth would be blessed.’

“He lived in Nicaragua for a couple of years and then moved to southern Mexico near Cancun, where he has been for over twenty-five years.

“He has a few followers, who are awaiting the return of Christ, who believe in his teachings. Five of his wives have left him; nevertheless, he strongly believes he will fulfill the promises and that he will set God’s house in order.”

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