“Emote the Emotion”

Tips from Tony:
Emote the Emotion
By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Emote the emotion,
You want to feel,

Says Anthony Robbins,
Motivational speaker
And modern guru,
Like Doctors Dyer and Phil.

Says Anthony:
To change your emotion, 
Change your motion;
You’re at the wheel.
Changing physiology
Changes emotions;
It’s a done deal.

Stand tall and proud
When feeling afraid;
Singing a happy tune
May also aid.

Sit erect, when feeling bad;
Turn your frown upside down
When feeling sad;
Soon you’ll feel glad.

In other words,
To change your mood,
Change your thoughts,
Change your motion …
Change your emotion.

Good things in
Equals good things out
From your mental computer spout.

Now this concludes
My tips from Tony.
Care to have
A shrink with me?

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