Pt 35-A:
Alma Dayer LeBaron
Lou Gehrig’s Disease
and “Who Got the Button?”

Maud Lucinda McDonald LeBaron, Joel Franklin LeBaron, and Alma Dayer LeBaron 

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others
but whose place no one else can take.”
Cardinal Mermillod

Joel Franklin LeBaron — namesake of his Great-uncle Joel Johnson, Benjamin Franklin Johnson’s oldest brother — is only one of my seven paternal uncles/my Mother’s brothers who claimed, at one time or another, to have gotten “the keys to the kingdom” — the Johnson mantle/scepter of power from his father Alma Dayer LeBaron Sr..

This Mantle/Scepter of Power was supposed to be passed down through “the laying of hands,” as were all Mormon priesthood blessings passed on from the previous holder to the next man in line.

However, here’s where the stories changed regularly to whatever fit the bill at the time — Whatever seemed most convincing and palatable. For example, in some of Grandmother Maud’s tellings of the story, she said:

“Just before my husband Dayer died, he laid his hands on his son Joel’s head and ordained him with the ‘Scepter of Power’ and ‘keys to the kingdom’ to set the house of God in order; and prepare a gathering place for the Saints — a place where Christ could return.”

Now, here’s the clincher:
From all I can tell, Grandfather had ALS/ A Lateral Sclerosis; commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I know a few surmised Dayer had a stroke; but many — such as Dayer’s Doctors, Grandma Maud, and my mother — said Grandpa died of “Muscular Dystrophy;” or “Lead Poisoning,” due to all the lead paint he used those many years he painted houses.

However, a little online research shows Grandpa’s symptoms matched ALS/A-Lateral Sclerosis — not Lead Poisoning nor Muscular Dystrophy/MD.

MD/ Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms:

The following are links to symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy/MD, A Lateral Sclerosis/ALS, and Lead Poisoning (Check these and other online Info to see for yourself which symptoms fit Dayer LeBaron’s incapacitating illness):

ALS/ A Lateral Sclerosis Symptoms:

Lead Poisoning Symptoms:

ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease only runs in the genes of around 10% of families who’ve been diagnosed with a family member that has/had ALS.

 I was told my sister Judith Spencer Gardner died at age 64 of ALS! Like Grandfather-like granddaughter? Or you can say it was only a coincidence these two close relatives died of ALS. Sure hope you’re right.

*To be continued. Thank you for visiting my blog!
Thank you in advance for your comments.
Till next time, take care!
~Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

(Continued July 18, in “Pt 35-B: Alma Dayer LeBaron, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and “Who Got the Button?”)

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