Agenda 2021/2030 and End-times Fate
By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

If the Globalist Agenda to dominate,
Vaccinate and exterminate
Succeeds, by 2028,
We’ll no longer be allowed
To congregate.

That will ensure
We can’t hook-up,
Meet, nor copulate;
So humans will cease
To propagate–
Test-tube babies will
Take the cake.

By the time
Most people finally awake,
It will be way too late.
The cabalist takeover
Will’ve sealed our fate.

And the Illuminati
Sanguineously wait
To drink our blood,
Their thirst to sate.
While spirit-cooked babies
Deck their plate.

Doesn’t the end-times future
Look miserably great!
Count me out.
I’m a one-world-order

If agenda 2030
Isn’t upturned
Before that date,
California will’ve ceased
To be a State;
The globe will look different
After the globalist remake.

But wait! There’s more!
Who’s that knocking
At my door?
Is it possibly the great
Babylonian whore
Soon to be felled
In blood and gore?

Then God will again
Rise to the fore.
The Biblical Jerusalem
Will reign once more.
And heaven on earth
Will descend with a roar.

For the first shall be last
And the last shall be first
Says Scriptural verse – –
Perhaps verse four.

So shut the pages
Of this doomsday lore.
Thank God for goodness,
And say no more —
Good will win over evil
And level the score.

The devil will be cast out
From God’s heavenly shore.
He’ll howl in hell
Forever more.

While Angels sing:
God we adore.
Goodness again rules
In peace and valor.”


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