An update of my January 9, 2017 Review of
 It’s Not About the Sex” My Ass:
Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife: 

I don’t usually do Book Reviews, for lack of time. But this book was so super, I listened to it straight through, on Audible; then listened to it again two times more — then bought the hardcover!

Being an Ex-FLDS, Ex-polygamist wife, Escapee of my Uncle Joel LeBaron’s Mormon fundamentalist cult … and a recovering Mormon, I found hilarious the story, humor, and satire in this amazingly well-written Memoir.

I related to it firsthand–practically split in half laughing at these two clever writers’ tongue-in-cheek asides and observations of life in polygamy and a Mormon fundamentalist cult!

I was so rebbed up, after listening nonstop two times to this polygamic-comedy classic, I followed up by writing this review to come down from my high after a marathon read/listen to this audiobook–one of the best pieces of work I’ve ever encountered. Even the narrator was excellent.

It’s not only a true bird’s-eye view of what Mormon polygamist cults are about: It gives wise advice on how to avoid getting into a cult–and how to get out, if  you’re in.

I have an Aunt, Anna Mae Marston, who, after her husband (my Uncle Ervil LeBaron) died, joined Harmston’s TLC group — the cult Joanne Hanks and her husband fled.

 After years of being part of the now-deceased Harmston’s harem (the last I knew) my Aunt believed till the day she died he was “The One Mighty and Strong” prophet!  Therefore, kudos to Joanne Hanks (and her husband) for seeing through, then fleeing Harmston’s cult before it could do them any more “Harm” — pun intended.

A sister of mine says Harmston’s clan was worse — more dangerous than was the cult of the psychotic serial killer “Evil Ervil” — “The Mormon Manson”!

I’m still wondering about this: I’ve not heard anything — not even in “It’s Not About the Sex” My Ass!” — to tell me Harmston was a dangerous psychotic, megalomaniac murderer like my Uncle Ervil. Though I read recently Harmston preached “blood atonement.” *

Perhaps it was safer for the authors to not relate such things in their book. But thanks, Joanne Hanks and Steve Cuno, for penning and putting this polygamy-memoir masterpiece in print! Your words, insight, and humor have helped me and countless others who’ve read/listened to your classic work.

Note: Search engines tell more about what’s presently going on in Harmston’s cult: I recently read interesting information about it–the TLC group–on Tumbler, for example.

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