The Sands of My Hourglass
By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron


The Sands of My Hourglass

The sands of time
Are running
Through my hourglass,
Telling me I don’t have much time left;
They’re taking away my time
As quickly as hands on a clock.

I can’t get the speed to stop,
Neither my heart going tick-tock
Like raindrops
On the window panes of my life;
Like the pain in my soul
Running down my cheeks;
Or teardrops on my looking glasses;
Or the glasses I look through.

I wonder what’s wrong!
Where has the time gone?
Why won’t it stop
Running away with me,
And from me,
Hard as I try to catch up with it,
Get with it, not behind it.
Why can’t Time let me be!

It’s synonymous with
Life’s impermanence
Which also cannot be stopped
Any more than the sands
Running through the hourglass

Of my life
Decorating my door-stop.

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