Bio of Stephany Spencer-LeBaron 

~ Stephany Spencer-LeBaron is a retired teacher on her endless summer, a “creative” and poet. 
Born in Chihuahua, Mexico of American parents, she spent most of her life in the Western U.S., married young and was widowed at twenty-one.

Left with a three-year old daughter, she raised her while putting herself through College. She graduated from East LA College in 1970 with an AA in Music; University of California at Los Angeles/UCLA in 1973 with a BA in Sociology; and did Post-graduate work in Liberal Arts at California State University, Northridge, obtaining a Teaching Credential in 1976.

A born teacher, Stephany Spencer-LeBaron taught Elementary School for thirty years, specializing in Bilingual Education and Music, then took Early Retirement in 2001 to pursue other creative interests.

Multi-talented, a multi-instrumentalist in music, the “Multies” multiplied, to where they’re now crying, “Which interest is on ‘first’?!” Because in 2006 Ms. Muse kindly led Stephany to the California Writers Club where she was Programs Chair and also helped with Hospitality for over a year while testing her “wannabe” possibilities as a published author, this having been one of her dreams since age ten.

She is presently working on three different books: A book of poetry, aphorisms, and maxims; a children’s novel — And a memoir.

She is a proud descendent of such as Dr. Francis Le Baron, MD. (See: “The Nameless Nobleman,” by Jane G. Austin,” a distant cousin).

Though fascinated with her heritage, she was not born to privilege, other than having inherited a bit of giftedness for such as writing verse, for better or worse. This is her double-edged sword: A gift and a curse. But life goes on, comes and is gone …

“Sail On,” says the emblem of her California Writers Club. Now if you look closely you may see her sailing on, “writing” on a song “write” now!

Dwell in possibilities,” said Emily Dickinson. And these possibilities are all that keep Stephany from falling off!


Hello and Welcome to my Photoblog site — My own little corner of the World Wide Web!

My name is Stephany Spencer/AKA Beulah Spencer-LeBaron de Tucker.

My goal is to share personal stories, essays, prose, poetry, artwork, and other creative works and opinion — in hopes that you may gain some insight, inspiration, and enlightenment to help you in your own journey through life. If you are creative and curious, then this blog is for you.

I plan to post sporadically so as to have more time to work on writing my books. I don’t intend for this to be a monolog but a dialog. I want you to give me your feedback in the “Comments” section. I will read every comment and respond as I’m able.

*If you want me to address your feedback and questions, please leave a comment below. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Moi at ages 2, 8, 26, 38, and 57 years old, consecutively.



When it comes to what I have posted on my Website so far, many of my best quotes, poetry, and other compositions, unfortunately, still lie in stacks of notebooks where I have recorded my creative writing over the many years. All that’s lacking is time to edit and record these many compositions herein. Hopefully, that will be soon. But editing, rewriting, and typing my pieces, requires much work and time.

I would love to do everything at once. However, creating a Web and blog site is something one builds gradually. Though Rome wasn’t built in a day, a part of me wants to build my whole web and blog site that way — or at least by the end of this month.

Websites can be a static thing — Set them up and leave them be, depending on what you use your Website for. But blog sites are a different species — an ongoing process. And the whole experience entails a learning curve. So bear with me as I turn the bend.

I am a born writer and creative. Wrote my first music when I was six years old, my first poem when I was about eight years old — my first song when I was eleven. And I have been journaling since age nine. By now I have stacks of notebooks full of poems and other writings — all in longhand.

I’ve only begun to type and record these compositions on my computer. It’s work but fun. One of my favorite games is playing with words and thoughts — moving them around to see what gives.

I’m continuing to enjoy the creative process of building this Web and Photoblog site started June 27, 2016. It’s still in metamorphosis, as I, a first-time Web builder and an emerging self, continue the creative process from conception to cocoon to caterpillar … and eventually to a beautiful Monarch. The sky’s the limit. So come sip a nip of sweet butterfly nectar and fly with me!