Bio of Stephany Spencer 

~ Stephany Spencer is a retired teacher on her endless summer, a “creative” and poet. 
Born in Chihuahua, Mexico of American parents, she spent most of her life in the Western U.S., married young and was widowed at twenty-one.

Left with a three-year daughter, she raised her while putting herself through College. She graduated from East LA College in 1970 with an AA in Music; University of California at Los Angeles/UCLA in 1973 with a BA in Sociology; and did Post-graduate work in Liberal Arts at California State University, Northridge, obtaining a Teaching Credential in 1976.

A born teacher, Stephany Spencer taught Elementary School for thirty years, specializing in Bilingual Education and Music, then took Early Retirement in 2001 to pursue other creative interests.

Multi-talented, a multi-instrumentalist in music, the “Multies” multiplied, to where they’re now crying, “Which interest is on ‘first’?!” Because in 2006 Ms. Muse kindly led Stephany to the California Writers Club where she was Programs Chair and also helped with Hospitality for over a year while testing her “wannabe” possibilities as a published author, this having been one of her dreams since age ten.

She is presently working on three different books: A book of poetry, aphorisms, and maxims; a children’s novel — And a memoir.

She is a proud direct descendent of such as Dr. Francis Le Baron, MD. (See: “The Nameless Nobleman,” by Jane G. Austin,” a cousin). And is also related to poets like Samuel Johnson, Edmund Spenser, Sir Francis Bacon, Joel Johnson, and Winston Spencer Churchill, a third cousin. Thus she is also related to Princess Diana Spencer, the Bush Dynasty, and more.

Though fascinated with her heritage, she knew none of them personally and was not born to privilege, other than having inherited a bit of their giftedness for such as writing verse, for better or worse. This is her double-edged sword: A gift and a curse. But Life goes on, comes and is gone …

“Sail On,” says the emblem of her California Writers Club. Now if you look closely you may see her sailing on, “writing” on a song “write” now!

Dwell in possibilities,” said Emily Dickinson. And these possibilities are all that keep Stephany from falling off!

Front-yard Water-Smart Project


This is a part of my front yard, taken around two years ago. I removed the lawn and planted California friendly, drought resistant Gazania and other water-Smart plants.

Then I used red Canyon rock and other such to further create landscape design and color — plus a matching mulch for around the plants.

By now the Gazania is blooming so beautifully.

Have you ever done landscape design? And do you love beautiful landscape? That’s the artist in you.



My Introductory Blog

IMG_3642Hello and welcome to my rather new Photoblog site — My own little corner of the World Wide Web!

My name is Stephany Spencer/AKA Beulah Spencer (Tucker) de LeBaron.

My goal is to share personal stories, essays, prose, poetry, artwork, and other creative  works and opinion — in hopes you will not only give me your feedback but may also gain insight, inspiration, and enlightenment to help you in your own journey through life. If you are creative and curious,  then this blog is for you.

I plan to post at least once per week — especially on Fridays — And don’t intend for this to be a monolog but a dialog. I want you to give me your feedback in the “Comments” section. I will read every comment and respond as I’m able.

*If you want me to address, please leave a comment below. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

My First Blog

with-sunglasses7/2016          Hi!  I’m Stephany Spencer/AKA Beulah Spencer Tucker de LeBaron.

Welcome to my own little corner of the World-Wide Web — My “Virtual” piece of valuable Internet Real Estate!  Yes, I being “Creative Aboard,” say welcome aboard!  And please feel free to click around and see what’s useful to you. How may I help you?

I am a Creative: Author, Artist, Poet, Performer, Lyricist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Speaker — Just a professional Jackalynn-of-many-trades — And a retired teacher on her endless summer.

At the moment, I’m excited about this recent launch of my first Website/Photoblog site! My URL is: https://StephanySpencer.com. It serves as my Scrapbook, Blogsite, and a connection to you and the rest of the world.

My email address is StephSpencer10@gmail.com, should you wish to contact me. I prefer emailing over Messaging, because I can edit my work, better save it, and also use Voice Recognition without a host of problems like the ones I find on Facebook.

Over time I’ll be sharing with you a variety of topics and poetry, but mostly my miserable memoirs (I love alliteration!), along with some happy and redemptive stories of how I escaped a dangerous, fanatic, Mormon fundamentalist footwashing cult I  was born and raised i n– and lived to write about it; i.e., to tell why and how I made it out of there and up to here. 

I’ll also be sharing with you poetry and songs I’ve written, as well as videos of my performances, artwork, and more. I’m looking forward to your input, honesty, and ideas. I promise I’ll read all your comments, and will respond as time allows. For I mean for each blog to be a dialog, not a monolog.

Through my website, I’ll test the waters and heed your input. It will be of import for if and when I decide to finish writing my shoot-from-the-hip Memoirs: the surreal saga of how I survived stunting child abuse as a White slave while growing up poor and deprived in a secluded, backwards, extremist Mormon Fundamentalist cult, headquartered in Colonia LeBaron, Chihuahua, Mexico.

I escaped this self-righteous, mostly poorly-educated peoples, and controlling cult in 1967, at the age of twenty-one, with only my three-year-old daughter, one suitcase, and $5.00 to our name — plus an 8th Grade Diploma received in 1960, after only around six years of rather poor public education, mostly from Utah’s small-town 1950s schools.

Part of that education took place in the infamous Short Creek, Utah’s one-room schoolhouse that housed grades one through five under the tutelage of brave Mrs. Verda Lartzen.

The rest is “her-story” or “my-story” — But with much credit going to our good ol‘ USA’s government, peoples, and God — though at the time, I no longer believed in God/my understanding of God.

Now I see “God“(meaning anything that is “Good”) has been with me all along. Though the going has been far from easy, I see the tracks where God carried me when I could no longer make it on my own! The help showed up in ominous ways, such that I cannot question that a Higher Power exists — a loving energy  overlooking my life.

So, to be sure, all glory goes to God/ Goodness that I’ve made it through so well, these many years, since escaping the devastation and many setbacks the cult upbringing had on my life.

Within five months of escaping the LeBaron cult at age twenty-one, for example, I miraculously started college — though all I had was about six years of public education, an eighth grade diploma, and had not been the inside a classroom for about eight years … And was limping along on culture shock and posttraumatic stress syndrome, besides.

However, College was a dream come true! Thanks to California’s Junior Colleges (mostly funded by taxpayers’ dollars back then), Scholarships, Work-study, Grants and Loans — and the Welfare system, — I was able to take the GED test, then start studying at East Los Angeles College, in California.

Amazing too, is, though I had been out of school since age fourteen, barely had six years of public education, and only an eighth-grade Jr. High School diploma, I was on the Dean’s list for top grades by my second semester!

I, sadly, had not had the chance for an education in High School’s 9th, 10th, 11th, nor 12th Grades, yet within two years, I earned an Associate of Arts degree in Music, then graduated from UCLA in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. And attained a Teacher’s Credential and Post-graduate work from California State University, Northridge, in 1976, specializing in Liberal Arts and Bilingual Ed.

Presently I am a member of the California Writers Club (https://cwc-sfv.org) where I was Programs Chair and also helped with Hospitality. (*See the above CWC Website for some of my  pieces published over the years in “The Valley Scribe, newsletter of the California Writers Club.)

I am currently also a member of Champagne Toastmasters (https://ChampagneToastmasters.com). And a longtime member of Songmakers, Inc. (https://Songmakers.org).

Ever a Creative, the world is my oyster and I a pearl forming within her. Life is my canvas on which I purposely paint with gusto, all the while it takes me along to new destinations and dimensions — and hopefully, right on through the “pearly” gates. Hmmmm!

 I have learned: “If you rest, you rust;” i.e., You either live or you die. Bob Dylan so aptly reminds us of this in his lyric line borrowed from the late great singer-songwriter, Woodie Guthrie: “If you aren’t busy livin’, you’re busy dyin’.”

And So here’s to life!
I’m tryin,’ yes, I am —
And though I ain’t thru cryin’,
“L’ Chaim,” and cheers, 
~Stephany Spencer

Welcome to My Photoblog Site!



Hi! I am Stephany Spencer, poet, lyricist, memoirist– a professional Jackalin-of-many-trades. Welcome to my own little corner of the world-wide web! 

As we speak, my now one-year-old Website continues to grow and develop right along with my continuing to develop the skills of being a Webmaster and first-time blogger/Photoblogger. It’s work so fun, I doubt I’ll ever be done! I do love the creative process — the “one-on-one.” And am thrilled to share it with you on my little part of the globe — My little piece of the planet’s valuable virtual Internet real estate! 

 My goal is to blog on enlightening and entertaining “shoot-from-the-hip” insights, essays, personal stories, and creative works — especially my poetry and memoirs. If I may serve my visitors, otherwise, please advise!

Should you be a Creative and curious person, then this blog is for you. I plan to post my blogs on various days of the week. But Fridays are generally set aside for my weekly Memoir blog — be it in poetry or prose.

I don’t intend for this to be a monolog but a dialog. I want you to give me your feedback in the “Comments” section. I will read every comment and respond as time allows. If you have a topic you want me to address, please leave a comment below.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Till then, feel free to click around and scroll down on my Menu Bar and become acquainted with my Website.

It was lovely chatting with you. If you are a follower of my blogs, that’s even lovelier!

Till next time, be well, love, and cheers. And have a happy life.

Your Host,
Stephany Spencer

Think in terms of possibilities.
(Emily Dickinson)